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The dramatic finals were better managed by the handball players of Pilsen, the title was won for the second time in a row – ČT sport – Czech Television

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The people of Plzeň followed up on the triumph from the previous year’s final, in which they also defeated Karviná. A year earlier, on the other hand, the Slezans rejoiced. Last year, the competition did not take place due to a coronavirus pandemic. Pilsen has won its seventh title since the division of the federation, with Karviná remaining the most successful team in independent history with 11 championships.

“We were not naive, we did not think that we would make the match a sovereign victory. Karviná is simply a very good team and it was clear to us that they will do everything to catch up with us. They formed a special formation for defense and attack, but we Fortunately, they were able to react to that, “said Pilsen coach Petr Štochl on Czech Television.

The West Czechs were very close to the title in the home fourth final, in which they led by three goals five minutes before the end, but in the end they lost by one goal from the last attack. Karviná did not take advantage of the psychological advantage of the previous match and lost a lot of fans from the beginning before the stormy backdrop in the hall, where a limited number of fans could relax after the anti-coronavirus measures were relaxed.

The Silesians were facing a number of technical errors and their shortages were growing. In the 17th minute, Tonar Plzeň sent from the seven to a three-goal lead and Škvařil adjusted to 15: 8 for Talent at the end of the half. With a seven-goal lead, the guests also went to the cabins during the break.

“We came here in a good mood. We played cards along the way, they worked out for us. So we were in a good mood and we believed, which we showed in the first half,” said Škvařil. “We missed one half, but at the same time the most important one. We did not manage the first half and it was decided today,” added Dominik Solák, the best Karviná scorer of the match with seven goals.

Unlike the previous four final matches, which ended in a goal twice and reached a seven-meter throw twice after a draw, the decisive battle was unexpectedly clear for a long time. Immediately after the break, the Pilsen team jumped into the nine-goal lead and it seemed that it was definitely decided.

However, the people of Karviná started to play the bait and dramatized the end. It also helped that they had three more power plays and the guests were running out of energy after a number of weaknesses.

In the 56th minute, Užek reduced the difference by only two goals, which was subsequently achieved by the best home scorer Solák. Two and a half minutes before the end, however, on the other side, with signaled passivity, he shot the goalkeeper Marjanovič Doud from a distance and in the last minute confirmed the Pilsen title Šindelář.

“After the unsuccessful first half, we were already playing a bit of bait, it was such a harakiri. Disappointment prevails, but overall we have nothing to be ashamed of during the season,” said Solák. “We were running out of energy a bit in the second half. But somehow we got it wrong and we deserve the title,” Škvařil added.

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