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The City separates the rugby and baseball fields

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May 28, 2021
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After the forfeiture of the agreement with one of the rugby clubs active in Pian di Massiano, the Municipality continues to manage the rugby and baseball fields. For the latter, direct management by the companies concerned, which had come forward in recent days, has already been defined. On the rugby front, as is well known, the institution proceeds with the direct management, on the wave of the other three large city facilities, on all the PalaBartons. Looking at the two immersed in the green path, the Municipality begins to move, putting hand to the users. With determination 1016 of the Sports Facilities operating unit, a series of optimization works is triggered for a separation between the two facilities. In particular, the institution has interventions to separate the supply of water, electricity and gas. It will also be entrusted with the intervention of mowing the grass in the rugby fields (while the use of staff from the municipal construction site is foreseen for the preparatory work for the installation of new meters). Practices for a new procedure for the assignment of the plants should start soon which, in the light of the separation of utilities arranged by the Municipality, could also be the subject of two separate tenders. As mentioned, on rugby the Municipality proceeds in direct management. Or rather, as already specified in a previous deed, the managerial determination 892 of a fortnight ago “the technical-managerial activity connected to the use of the rugby field will be entrusted to the temporary grouping between the Servizi Associati and Decoro Urbano companies already assignee of the same services for the plants directly managed by the Municipality ». On the baseball side, the request of the baseball companies has already been accepted for some time, and they have joined together to obtain the management of the plant. “For the discipline of the conditions and obligations of the assignment, the Municipality explained in the act of acceptance – a special agreement will be signed”.

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