Home baseball Switzerland outclassed undefeated Slovakia 8: 1

Switzerland outclassed undefeated Slovakia 8: 1

by archysport

After the 7-0 defeat against Sweden, the Swiss are back on track. Your power play rate is phenomenal. The Slovaks lose their nerve, receive unnecessary penalties and lose their first point.

Swiss cheers in Riga, time and again.

Roman Koksarov / AP

The distinguishing feature of the Ice Hockey World Championship in Riga 2021 is its unpredictability. There is something arbitrary about the results, even more so than usual at World Cup tournaments, where the fluctuations from year to year can be enormous – depending on which nation has to do without its most important players because they are still in the NHL Play- are engaged off. Switzerland is no exception in Riga: A 7-0 win against Sweden on Tuesday was followed by an 8-1 win against Slovakia. There are such extreme deviations in such a short time, as is usually only known from baseball.

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