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squash and badminton halls in Lyon pending reopening

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Will we be able to return to the squash and badminton courts very soon? In the Métropole de Lyon, around ten halls live mainly from these indoor sports. They hope for good news on Thursday when Edouard Philippe will detail phase 2 of deconfinement.

For two and a half months, no ball has bounced on the squash courts. Neither shuttlecocks crashed into the badminton nets. Health crisis requires, the 1600 m2 of Bads in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon are desperately empty. Its director, Serge Julienne, hopes that in his speech scheduled for Thursday, May 28, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe will announce the reopening of sports halls: “Regularly I receive messages from loyal customers who tell me that they are eager to come back, but under what conditions will we be able to welcome them, that for the moment we do not know yet”

Badminton maybe, squash not?

If Serge Julienne does not worry too much about his 6 badminton courts (“As in tennis, singles matches will undoubtedly be allowed, but not doubles”), he is more pessimistic about squash (5 terrains) : “Squash is a contact sport which is practiced in a small place, we sweat, we sometimes hit each other, it will be difficult to respect the distance”.

Another source of concern: the changing rooms. “A large part of our clientele comes between noon and two. These are people who work in offices. If luckily they are not teleworking, will they want to come back to play with us knowing that they will not be able to take a shower before going back to work? ”

The Bads team has already planned to install a direction of circulation in the establishment. Instructions will be given to players to come with their own equipment. The loan of shuttlecocks or balls will now be prohibited. As for rental rackets, they will be systematically disinfected after use.

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A profitable reopening?

Badminton and squash activities represent 80% of Bads turnover. The rest comes from the restaurant and bar. The Bads employs 6 people, all on short-time working since mid-March. Serge Julienne: “I think we’re going to have a smooth reopening. If people can play badminton, that’s fine, my employees can start to come back. If the grounds remain closed, but on the other hand I can reopen the restaurant, then it will not be profitable ”.

He adds : “The summer months are never really good for indoor sports anyway. Already in July-August, our activity represents barely 60% of a normal month, you can imagine if there are also restrictions! “

Greater Lyon has around ten badminton or squash halls: in Lyon, but also Mions, Rillieux-la-Pape or Bron.

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