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Softball returns to Tokyo 2020 after 13 years

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Softball at the Olympics was missing from Beijing 2008. After the first appearance in 1996 in Atlanta and the following three consecutive editions, women’s baseball had been excluded from the Games both in London in 2012 and in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. There are therefore more than 12 years of absence from the sporting event for excellence and one more reason to know the details of a sport that will also see the Italian national team compete for the best positions.

Only 6 teams competing a Tokyo 2020: Australia, Japan, United States, Mexico, Canada and Italy. Three of these made up the podium of the last 3 participations before the stop. Japan, defending champion, United States and Australia with the Americans to have won a total of 4 medals, 3 of which gold and one silver. Therefore, there seems to be no history for our national team in search of victory or an Olympic medal. Two previous blue participations: Sidney 2000, Athens 2004. For us, therefore, the absence from the Games increases to 17 years.

The softball calendar at the Games

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The softball tournament will begin on Wednesday 21 July at 9 am in Japan. In Italy it will be 2 am, when the formations of Australia and Japan will descend on the diamond. It could be the prequel to a final, interesting to follow immediately. Following Italy will play against the United States, we will be in the early hours of the morning and again after Mexico will play the last match scheduled against Canada. Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium welcomed all three matches.

The next day is repeated with the second round of meetings that will see the USA and Canada, Mexico and Japan, Italy and Australia. Starting time always 2 Italian. It will go on like this Also on Saturday 24 July, after a day of rest but with matches that will be played during the Italian daytime. Italy, for example, will play at 13.00 against Japan. On Sunday 25th, always at 13.00, we are in Mexico

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On the 26th we will meet Canada to close with the group stage and after having met all the other opponents. So on Tuesday 27th there will be the final for the 3rd and 4th place starting at 13.00 and the final that assigns the Olympic title.

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