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Shooter with Bow Francisca Biava approaches the Panamericano de Cali

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It must be ratified in the last qualifier to be held in our country, on a date to be confirmed due to the pandemic. The athlete Maulina is a letter for the international youth event.

The 19-year-old national selected Francisca Biava Rojas, a member of the Promesas Chile team of Mindep-IND Maule, achieved for Chile the quota in Archery, which is the previous step to being present at the I Pan American Youth Games to be held in Cali, Colombia.
The event that will gather more than 4 thousand athletes was rescheduled between November 25 and December 5.
Nationals Tomás Peña, Daniel Meza, Mariana Zúñiga and Fabián Seymour also achieved a quota for Chile.
In this regard, the Seremi del Deporte, Alejandra Ramos Sánchez, expressed “congratulate Francisca (Biava). She is from a rural area of ​​Linares and practices a very beautiful sport which is Archery, directed by her own mother who strives to keep her in physical and technical conditions for high competition. He has been arriving from Medellín, Colombia, where he performed a great performance, achieving one of the available places for our country, which he must ratify in a previous qualifier. Wish you every success. He has completed the most difficult stage, which is the quota for Chile. Francisca comes from a very hard stage that is to train at home due to the confinement in which the city of Linares was for a long time, so Cali awaits her, ”said the regional sports authority.
The Industrial Civil Engineering student at the Andrés Bello University, had previously qualified for the Sucre South American, but was suspended as a result of the pandemic.
In the City of Medellín World Ranking Event Pan American Junior Games, she achieved the quota that she was looking for for Chile “very happy, but I think I still have a lot to work on. The competition was of a high level. With 37 competitors in my category. I have returned with all the desire to continue progressing. I have won the place for my country, but here I have to “fight” that place again with other competitors. I hope to ratify the quota and go to Medellín in search of a medal, ”said Francisca Biava.
Regarding this preparation time, the athlete explained “I will continue with my planning, which is to train from Monday to Saturday, for 3 to 4 hours a day, plus 2 hours of physical preparation. I have the support of the Mindep-IND, which has made a professional psychologist available to me so that I can be in full condition and at my level ”.
Upon reaching Medellín, the archery powers that our country will meet will be Mexico, the United States and Colombia.


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