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Shohei Ohtani is “lightning bolt”, “three grounder doubles”, “aggressive”, “baseball model” | Full-Count

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While playing the grab of the third baseman and rolling forward, he fell into the second base

■ Raise 7-3 Angels (Anaheim, Japan time 4th)

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani participated in the baseball game against Rays on the 3rd (Japan time 4th) as “No. 2 Designated Hitter”. He hit a double in front of him with his foot in one at bat. In the “Otani shift”, he assaulted the third base, Brosseau, who defended the vicinity of the game, and while the ball that played the grab rolled in front of the mid-sized Kiermaier, he fell into the second base at once. Fans are once again surprised at the doubles that make the most of their comfortable legs.

Otani avoided the starting pitcher due to a hit by pitch near his right elbow the day before, but he made a big move from the first time. It catches the curve of the starting Glasnow and speeds up when the hit ball rolls in the middle direction. It was called “three grounder doubles”.

Fans react when the MLB official website posts a video. “Otani is a must-see on TV every night” “Really wonderful player” “Respect for sprinting” “This guy is not odd” “I really think that there is no player in the ball world who will entertain you more than Otani” “This is baseball It’s a model. You’ll learn hard by looking at it, kids. “” Aggressive baseball! I like it! “” Lightning “” One person’s salary is enough for two players. ” ..

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