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Sara Cakarevic posts incredible cash receipt

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The reality of the non-stars in tennis

The dream of the tennis professional: jet around the world, be successful, earn lots of money – many young athletes have it, and many are quickly brought back to the ground with their first steps. But what Sara Cakarevic has now experienced is just unbelievable. You will not believe how much your prize money was for qualifying for a tournament in Prague. A little tip: To become a millionaire, she would have to play for a long time at this prize money level – and shouldn’t have any expenses.

Player posts the winning receipt

Because after Cakarevic, number 410 in the women’s world rankings, lost her game against the top 300 player Paula Ormaecha in three sets with 7: 5, 3: 6 and 8:10, the really big shock came with me the accounting and a look at the prize money that the ITF tennis association transferred to the 24-year-olds. The Italian won the incredible sum of 2.25 euros (!) In Prague, in words: two euros and twenty-five cents. Wow.

The receipt for the profit of 2.25 euros.

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At least there was free coffee …

Accordingly, she thanked her for the generous reward. She posted the receipt for the outrageous bonus in an Instagram story and wrote: “That’s what you get if you lose 8:10 in the third set in the third set against number 291 in the world. I don’t even have get the 25 cents. Thanks @ITFTennis for the free coffee. ” Cakarevic later deleted the post.

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It is also interesting to see how this sum is made up: the actual premium was 45 euros, of which 6.75 euros are deducted from taxes and an entry fee of 36 euros. What remains is the 2.25 euros for Cakarevic – the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs are likely to have been difficult to cover.



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