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Santa Fe today: five players who would appear in the transfer market

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Independiente Santa Fe has given his group of players a vacation while President Eduardo Méndez and coach Hárold Rivera finalize details to start the preseason and diagram the cast they will have for the second semester where they will not have international competition.

With Hárold Rivera ratified on the bench despite the painful international presentation and local, Santa Fe seeks to give continuity to some important players for the DT in the backbone of the team beyond the criticism of the fans towards some of them and the offers that may come.

There are four specific players that today focus attention on the red-brown market: Daniel Giraldo, Fáiner Torijano, Jhon Arias and Kelvin Osorio; three of them runners-up in December and one of the new ones who left good impressions.

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Regarding Daniel Giraldo, his contract expires in June and he is very close to arriving as a free player in Nashville in the United States MLS. However, the player does not look down on staying in Colombia and Santa Fe is looking for alternatives to give him a job bond given his importance in the squad.

Fáiner Torijano It is one of the most questioned due to poor performance, but Santa Fe would seek its continuity, The player is interested again in Nacional as in December 2020, but the issue has not transcended further and his contract with the ‘lion’ goes until December .

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Jhon Arias has aroused interest in MLS just like Giraldo and Kelvin Osorio in France; Both have a contract until December and Santa Fe hopes that specific offers will arrive to analyze their situation.

Another player who is very close to leaving is Sherman Cárdenas. Your loan is due in June and you will need to return to Junior; there is the possibility of an extension of the loan until December, but given the injuries and the little continuity it had, it is not likely that will happen.


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