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Russo’s team fell in Guayaquil and their winning streak ended

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It was the end of a positive streak. Just when he had evolved in his game. The infernal run forced Miguel Angel Russo to put his hand in the team, but he also took time to make the changes during development. And he fell to Barcelona, ​​leader of the group. Boca lost after five consecutive wins and Agustín Rossi received a goal -Carlos Garcés- after 490 minutes with his unbeaten fence.

Boca had the initiative and the ball in the first half, but could not hurt Barcelona. And despite having the same scheme that gave him results in recent games, he failed to take off from the outside. On board the 4-3-3, he felt the absences of Sebastián Villa, Agustín Almendra -they stayed in Buenos Aires- and Cristian Medina (he joined the complement). And he did not have an explosion in the last section of the court.

Fundamentally, because there was no steering wheel that broke lines. Neither Nicolás Capaldo, despite their intensity, nor Leonardo Jara have these characteristics. And Alan Varela may be the owner of the midfield with the possession of the ball and its good distribution at the start, but it is not sharp.

To top it all, Agustín Obando and Cristian Pavón were too closed. Perhaps, looking for the surprise of Emmanuel Más and Julio Buffarini on the outside. However, the centers did not go well.

In this context, Boca did not kick the goal of Argentine Javier Burrai. And neither did Barcelona, ​​which was affirmed in its three centers and showed good management with Damián Díaz but was harmless in the area of ​​Agustín Rossi, the substitute goalkeeper who jumped to the starting position due to the impossibility of having Esteban Andrada, who at that At the height of the night, he did not know if he was going to be able to return to Argentina due to the positive PCR and the measure that the Ecuadorian Government had taken.

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The second half reserved the best emotions. Barcelona took control of the game and began to unbalance on the left, especially with the climbs of Mario Pineida. Of course, always under the baton of Díaz, that Argentine hitch who knew how to wear the shirts of Central and Boca, and began to connect the local team. Diaz put together a good play, Carlos Garcés leaked, Leandro Martínez finished in a hurry and Jara crossed before Rossi’s despair.

Next came a corner kick from Diaz and a header from Michael Hoyos that met with a notable reaction from Rossi. He prowled the goal in the Monumental stadium.

Until Díaz put together a barbaric play with Nixon Molina, who opened the court for the overflow of Pineida and the center behind the side found an onslaught from Garcés. that cut Rossi’s undefeated.

Boca had no surprise or game. And the departure of Varela left him orphaned of clear passes. Medina entered, but the elaboration lacked sharpness. So, Russo made three changes together. It seemed too late. Why didn’t Carlos Tevez come in earlier to connect the lines? He did it when there were a dozen minutes left for the epilogue with Exequiel Zeballos and Gonzalo Maroni.

And in the first action it generated risk. And in a counterattack he was able to tie. Handsome Charlie Brown, Maroni won the position, went hand in hand with Burrai, but shook the stick. On the rebound, Buffarini shot but Bruno Piñatares blocked the shot. But Barcelona celebrated, winning all three group matches. Boca took a wrong step.


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