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River Plate: Marcelo Gallardo’s future between renewing and Europe | Argentina League

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Marcelo Gallardo is undoubtedly the best coach in South American football. He has managed to make history in a club like River Plate, earning the respect of practically the entire soccer planet. A marvel of technical management.

As expected, its performance has not gone unnoticed. They have been following him for a long time from European territory and even at the time he was a candidate for the Argentine National Team.

How is your situation today?

El Muñeco ‘is River’s boss, but his 2021 season has been marred by covid-19 and some low yields. In the local tournament he was eliminated by Boca Juniors and in the Copa Libertadores he advanced just enough to the round of 16. Something strange in his successful management.

Their contractual relationship ends in December of this year, a situation that greatly worries managers since nothing has been done about its renewal. And of course, they can’t push him either.

Thus, Gallardo has “the upper hand”: continue his process in the riverplatense sidewalk or finally make the leap to the big leagues. The doubt that eats away at half Argentina.

Regarding the first option, certify its continuity, it was learned that the club is preparing a very interesting offer. One in which he would be the sole owner of his destiny. Without reproaches or objections.

The idea of ​​the directors, who are at the time of elections, is to give them total freedom to establish the time of their stay at the head of the institution. One year, two, three, whichever you consider appropriate. His departure would be at the time he wanted it. No ties, much less pressure.

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The important thing is that you sign your new contract before December to avoid headaches.

Of course, the Argentine, old fox, also has his demands. Request that the cost savings be postponed and give you the freedom to ask for players who can make a jump in quality to the payroll. This taking into account that figures such as De La Cruz, Montiel or Borré are at the exit door.

Effort or goodbye, basically.

On the other side is the European dream. There are several big ones, no half-board teams, who have it in a folder. Now from there to completion, there is a long way to go. For something one starts.

For now, the team that makes the most of their services is Inter Milan. Let us remember that the Nerazzurri team had to sacrifice Conte due to financial problems and Gallardo would precisely be the one indicated due to his moderate cost.

With Lautaro, Vecino and Vidal, the ‘Napoléon’ could initiate a South American process in the current Italian champion. Likewise, his combative and modern style would go down well in a rocky and hard contest like that of Calcio.

On the other hand, the balloons that are never missing. In Spanish territory it is speculated that Real Madrid, with Zidane out, and Barcelona, ​​with Koeman hanging by a thread, have the ‘Doll’ between their eyes. It does NOT mean that they will hire you in the next few days or weeks, but a follow-up is known.

With everything on the table, the former footballer and now DT has a wide range of opportunities. And not only that, each offer is enviable for anyone. It only remains to wait and let the big businessmen, clubs and agents do their thing.

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