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Rinascita Basket Rimini forced to skip the playoffs for Covid, the administration’s chagrin

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After the announcement by Riviera Banca that it was forced to give up the playoffs due to a Covid outbreak that broke out in the locker rooms, the solidarity of the Rimini administration arrives with the union Andrea Gnassi and the councilor for Sport Gianluca Brasini who invite basketball players not to give up. “On the one hand, the disappointment and discouragement for an unforeseeable, sudden event – explain Gnassi and Brasinikin on a joint note. – On the other hand, the desire, the pride of not giving up, the desire to react to the backlash, now that we are on the road to restart, of the ‘cursed’ Covid that has brought the world to its knees in the last year and a half. This is the feeling towards the basketball club Rinascita Basket Rimini (RBR). In recent years it has been a true and new story of rebirth, not just sporting; 2021 also proved to be a winning season, now interrupted in the playoffs, one step away from the possible and tangible goal. The reactions of society to a cynical and cheating destiny are to be underlined three times to be taken as an example for the whole world of sport (and beyond). ‘The situation requires us to take a step back to protect our health and those around us… we must take note of the situation and adapt, ”said CEO Paolo Carasso. Rare words in a panorama where the most frequent reaction is the use of judges and courts, or the request for exceptions or postponements or compensation, to assert first and foremost one’s indisputable reason “.

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“I believe that in this reaction, composed and responsible, lies the history, the present and the future of this ‘extraordinary and normal’ club that is RBR – continue by the municipal administration. – It is something more than a sports project and competitive: it is the projection of the passion of a community, which is intertwined with the dynamics and relationships of an entire city. Just today that finally in Rimini, and underlines in Rimini, a healthy sports project, popular with its ‘widespread shareholding’ , of passion and competence, becomes solid reality, the lightning bolt you do not expect. But it is the answer that counts. There is, in the words of the management team, so much sadness but also that ‘we will come back stronger’ which is a feeling of pride for what has been built. For basketball, for sport and with the city. Yes, because it is enough to look at what is not only communication but the identity of a project, led by Moreno Maresi, Paolo Carasso, Davide Turci, coach Massimo Bernardi and Paolo Maggioli . With basketball there are the places and scenarios of the identity and changing Rimini, to underline sport as a value of community and relationship that goes beyond the result or the pure athletic / competitive gesture. RBR has been able to conquer a privileged place in the hearts of many Rimini people, even in those who are not necessarily passionate about basketball alone, for the strength of its message, which is a message of love for Rimini. And, I believe, precisely by virtue of this, and of a wise management of the training and accounts of the purely sporting component, he has climbed one step after another, until this year he has the great opportunity of the jump at hand, as they say, ‘in basketball that matters’. Phrase made and wrong when referring to the Rimini club since, here, what counts are passion, enthusiasm, love for a sporting and community project which, despite this real adverse stroke of fate, will continue, will not stop, will still be able, in a few months, to bring thousands of people to the arena, for new victories. This, for Rimini, is what really matters ”.

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