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Revelation: Guardiola was responsible for Agüero’s departure from Manchester City and they did not speak | Premier league

by archysport

Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero did not shed a single tear on the day of his farewell from Manchester City, where he leaves as an idol, 10 years and 15 titles later.

Quite the opposite. Smiles and more smiles and a singular corridor, from his teammates and his rivals from Everton, on the last date of the Premier League, who left a comment on the air to his coach Pep Guardiola: “put me right?”.

The rest was on another day at the office: double in half an hour of play and again and again the question, in his particular English, if the tributes were going to end. He seemed uncomfortable and the presenter on the court did not understand if it was because he did not understand what they were saying or because, in the end, it did not hurt as much as the fans in the goodbye.

And it did hurt. And the rush, it is now known, was because he already wanted to finish with what could well have been a staging orchestrated by the coach himself, Pep Guardiola. Yes, the same one who regretted to tears the Argentine’s goodbye, the one who said drowned out by emotion: “we won’t be able to replace him, he’s a great person, we won’t be able to do it.”

As revealed by The Athletic portal, the relationship between the scorer and the coach could not be worse. Apparently, the club and the player wanted to extend the bond but it would have been Guardiola himself who lowered his thumb, claiming that their bond was fulfilled. The DT, directly, recommended not to renew the contract.

“He’s sad to have to leave. I think he wanted to stay, but the words he conveyed to me were: ‘This is a business and they want to bring another striker,” journalist Martin Tyler told the site, adding that, before those moving tears, the protagonists had not spoken for weeks.

And then the tears? It can end up being prescient. Pep himself announced that ‘Kun’ will now go to FC Barcelona, ​​to fulfill his dream of playing with his compadre Lionel Messi. But beware that if fate were to collude, it could well happen to City what the Catalan team itself suffered with Luis Suárez.

It is worth mentioning that the first act of government of DT Koeman in FC Barcelona was to tell the Uruguayan that he did not have him, which ended up putting him, on the rebound, in Atlético de Madrid, with whom he has just been crowned champion and celebrating nothing less than 21 goals. “They looked down on me,” said the Uruguayan. There is no way to refute it.

Who says that in the future, in a Champions League, Agüero will not be the new Suárez? It is the risk that Guardiola assumed when he put him at the starting gate. The only thing left in the end were tears.


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