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Resumption of team sports: enthusiasm and relief in Mauricie

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The Minister responsible for Sports and Leisure, Isabelle Charest, unveiled the deconfinement plan for the Quebec sports community on Thursday. It provides that sports with brief contacts bringing together a maximum of 25 players can take place from June 11 for regions in the yellow zone.

Earlier this month, the Legault government said the majority of regions should move to the yellow zone on June 14, which suggests a return of parties to Mauricie and Center-du-Quebec from that point on.

Tournaments can resume once the regions move to the green zone, which could occur on June 28, according to Quebec’s forecasts.


Photo: Radio-Canada

It’s a sigh of relief we have with this announcement , declared the president of Baseball Mauricie. Francis Hénault, interviewed on the show And immediately.

However, some questions remain unanswered about the health rules that will be in force. Mr. Hénault also claims to have received a memo from Baseball Quebec saying that the organization was going to meet with representatives of the department to obtain clarification on certain points.

The president of Baseball Mauricie explains that since the end of March, players have been participating in fitness or selection camps. These are practices with a limited number of people on the sets. Mr. Hénault was therefore eager for the young people to play games.

A soccer ball on the field.


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It’s with enthusiasm and also with a sigh of relief that the Director General of the Trois-Rivières Soccer Club, Sylvain Gervais, welcomed the news of the deconfinement of team sports for this summer.

In soccer too, players can also practice their sport now, but only for contactless workouts with a lot of dribbling, it’s very technical, explains Mr. Gervais.

You have to work on the motivation of young people, because they like to play a lot, they are there to play, you have to be very creative to keep them motivated., explained the general manager of the Trois-Rivières soccer club in an interview on the show Always in the morning.

During soccer practices, young people must wear the mask. He says sports organizations do not yet know under what circumstances mask wearing will be mandatory from mid-June.

Sylvain Gervais points out that in Mauricie, the number of players has returned to around 90% of what it was before the pandemic, which is very interesting if we compare ourselves to other regions, he emphasizes.

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