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Réginal Goreux judges young Delferriere: “His strengths are his grinta and his physical impact”

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To paint a portrait of the new youngster launched into the deep end by Mbaye Leye, it is to Réginal Goreux, director of the Elite project of the SL16 Football Campus, that we must turn. Trained in Seraing, Delferriere (1m83) crossed the Meuse to get to Standard before trying his luck in Ghent to better return to Sclessin. “If he came back, it is because he realized that the grass is not necessarily greener elsewhere, assure Goreux. Allan’s outbreak was perhaps less expected than the others, but he’s got something. ”

Exactly, what are the strengths of this 19-year-old defender? “He is versatile. What sets him apart is his grinta and his physical strength. He has good passing and is interesting in duels. He has a strong character and is very emotional. either before, during or after the match, he talks a lot. Sometimes he is a little crude but that is not a problem for me. We have never had any problem with his behavior. “

Like any youngster at his age, Delferriere still has a lot of room for improvement. “His concentration is what he must above all improve, continues Réginal Goreux. He is talented and elegant, he has a certain facility to infiltrate the second row but sometimes he loses the thread during a match. These are not errors of placement but of concentration, as on a control for example. It is erased quite easily. He must also learn to be consistent game after game. He sometimes played a very good game and then a more neutral one. “

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Now the goal of the 19-year-old defender is clear: to stay in the pro core. “It is easy to get his chance in pro but the hardest part is to stay there. The work begins now for him. We will see how he will digest this first passage in pro. The point of work for him will be to remain in the group at the start of next season. He must maintain the level of requirement “, Goreux concludes.

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