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Real Madrid: Sergio Ramos: one month to finish his contract … and he still doesn’t give any signs

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A an exact month for the end of the contract Sergio Ramos With Real Madrid, the captain still does not issue signals that make the white club think of a renewal. Moreover, in the absence of news and the absence of conversations, in Madrid they begin to give up the Sevillian defender, which still does not accept that one-year proposal with a 10% rebate. The countdown has started.

Although there is still time to sign this contract extension, the situation at this point is more than complex. Negotiations are at a standstill, with neither party giving in. Ramos considers it unfair to have to take advantage of the club’s policy that says that from the age of 30 it is renewed year by year and in Madrid they think that there is no reason to make exceptions, and less with a player who is already 35. This is how they have been since last September, without being able to unblock a situation that could put an end to 16 years of relationship .

Both Real Madrid and Sergio Ramos have publicly said that their wish is to stay together., but the reality is that neither of the two parties has given in their claims. “When there are news, be the first to communicate them”said Ramos during the concentration with the Spanish national team, the last time the captain has spoken publicly about his future. “Last year I know he accepted and helped us in that 10% drop, but this year the circumstances must be different,” said Florentino Prez in El Chiringuito when talking about the expansion of the plant, making it clear that the relationship between Ramos and the club on account of the renovation is not going through its best moment.

Sergio Ramos continues to recover from his injury in Valdebebas

Decisive weeks

With Ramos out of the European Championship due to physical problems, the player’s priority these days is to solve his future. From a sporting point of view, Sergio continues to work to recover, put himself at one hundred percent and be able to start the preseason from the beginning. From the more administrative side, analyze the pros and cons of leaving the Real Madrid. Although his desire is to continue in the white club, right now he is studying other options and begins to assume that his blank stage may be coming to an end. There is exactly one month left until his contract ends, so in a few days the Real Madrid fans will have doubts.

While the case is solved Ramos, in Madrid they also study the case Early, to which they are willing to sell if they receive an offer and the player refuses to renew. With Alaba signed and after the irruption of Militao, the rupture of the central pair that has reigned in Madrid in the last decade is no longer so traumatic.


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