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Rapporteurs greeted their boss, Mayor Cosse, on the air at the premiere of the broadcasts

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The channel TV City began broadcasting this week the NBA and the rapporteurs greeted the mayor of Montevideo in the air, Carolina Cosse. “A very big greeting to Carolina Cosse, our mayor who is enjoying the NBA (…) She talks about the excellent participation of the director of Sports of the city hall (Marcelo Signorelli)”, said live, the rapporteur Santiago Rodriguez.

The IMM Sports Director, who participated in the first broadcast, responded: “Thank you very much for the congratulations, I extend them to the entire team, to the entire production, to all the people who work at TV Ciudad. Thank you very much, Carolina ”.

The accounts of the encounters are in charge of Rodriguez, while Santiago Diaz is the commentator. In addition, the transmissions have the special participation for some games of coach Signorelli as a guest analyst.

From now on, the games will be broadcast live, and will include the first round, the semifinals and conference finals, and then the NBA finals. The agreement will also extend for the 2021-2022 season, from the start of the tournament’s regular season until the finals of next year.

Until the 2019-20 season, the broadcast of NBA games in Uruguay (outside of cable channel broadcasts) were in charge of Antel’s Vera TV platform. With the change of government in March 2020, it was decided that the state communications company would interrupt the production and acquisition of content for the platform, so after the end of that season, the link with the US league was terminated.


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