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post season challenge between Unibasket Lanciano and Amatori Pescara

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May 28, 2021 12:34 pm

The C Gold series goes live with the clock phase at the weekend. The post season, conceived by the federation to conclude this short and particular season without the usual formula of the playoffs and playouts, provides for each team to meet again the five challengers of the group in a dry match without the normal round-trip rounds.

For Unibasket Lanciano the first match will be Saturday 29 May (7 pm) against Amatori Pescara. the historic club of the Adriatic capital concluded the first phase of the competition in sixth and last place, taking home only one victory against the Frentani in the match played last May 2 at PalaElettra. On that occasion, decisive to break the balance between the two teams, were the baskets of the Balkan pivot Milan Dondur and the director De Vincenzo, who only at extra time tipped the scales in favor of the red and white.

The expert Renato Castorina has been leading the Amatori from the bench since this summer, who brought guard Mennilli with him from Chieti, one of the undisputed strengths of the red and white. The real totem of the guests, however, is the Serbo-Croatian center Milan Dondur which, thanks to points, rebounds and doors, has quickly become, not only the fulcrum of the Pescara game but without a shadow of a doubt, also one of the best foreign athletes of the tournament. Other elements of interest are the aforementioned De Vincenzo (formerly Lanciano) and captain Moretti, who has recently re-tasted the parquet after a long injury. Injuries and physical problems that have decimated the Amatori roster, often keeping the various Fornara, Zacchigna and Peres out of the game.

To close Castorina’s rotations are the play D’Onofrio and the new signings Taglieri (product of the Pescara youth sector, seen last year in Lanciano with the Under 18 representative) and the long Danilo Raicevic ex Campli. Definitely challenging match that awaits Lanciano who, after having closed the first phase with the defeat inflicted on him by Pescara Basket, returned to training during the week with a thousand motivations, eager to appear well also in this new and stimulating phase on the clock.

This is the Unibasket Lanciano calendar:

– Saturday 29 May Unibasket Lanciano – Amatori Pescara Basket

– Wednesday 2 June Bramante Pesaro – Unibasket Lanciano

– Saturday 5th June Pisaurum Basket – Unibasket Lanciano

– Wednesday 9 June Unibasket Lanciano – Pescara Basket

– Sunday 13 June Vigor Matelica Basket – Unibasket Lanciano


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