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Pluto wins high fourth place in the second stage of “Tour of Estonia” – Cycling – Sportacentrs.com

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The second stage of the “Tour of Estonia” took place along a 10.2-kilometer-long circle created in the streets of Tartu. Participants did it 16 times. Compared to previous years, the lap had become even more visible and heavier for riders. In each circle, a 350-meter-long and quite steep cobbled hill had to be overcome.

In the first stage, the athlete of the home team Karls Patriks Lauks won, but the highest among Latvians was Emīls Liepiņš, who, despite the fall, finished in eighth place. Dobelnieks was separated from the leader for 24 seconds. Three other Latvian cyclists were ranked in the top 20 – Mārtiņš Pluto (15th), Kristers Ansons (16th) and Pauls Rubenis (20th).

The second stage started with a big kick of three riders in the first lap. Aleksas Krasts from the Latvian national team of athletes was inside. The top three was soon reached by a very strong company. Among them were representatives of almost all major teams. From the Latvian national team – Emīls Liepiņš and Andris Vosekalns. Meanwhile, from the “Ampler Development team” Pauls Rubenis. A large group of 12 riders was able to gain an almost 5-minute lead over the big pocket. It seemed that this company, which also includes the athletes of the Estonian national team – Peter Pruss and Normans Vahtra, as well as the Viking so-called Mikū Raims, will have a great opportunity to go all the way caught.

In the middle of the distance, the desire to work together successfully among the leaders disappeared. Several attacks followed by Raima. Together with Andris Vosekalns and Norman Vahtra, he managed to lead several laps, but later the trio was reached again by the Liepiņš group. The peleton, which took advantage of the uneven pace of the leaders, also approached rapidly. The situation was not at peace with the British leader James Shaw from the Ribble Weldtite. The athlete, who once won the tenth place in the U23 World Championship, gained a 1-minute and 30-second lead over the group to which all Latvian athletes had returned.

The control of Peleton was taken by the athletes of the Estonian national team, whose leader Karl Patrick Lauks won in the first stage. Mārtiņš Pluto and Andžs Flaksis were the longest ahead of our men. Flaksis from Dunalka carried out a solo attack in an attempt to catch Shava. Although Andrz alone did not succeed, he did an excellent job of catching up with the British in the penultimate circle.

The group had split into two parts on the last lap. Pluto and Flaksis were the first group of Latvian riders, which was about 12 athletes. In the last lap, three riders took the lead, including Neiland’s teammate Norman Vahtra. Andrz Flaks was only a little short of joining these leaders.
In a dramatic battle before the finish, the mountain trio was caught. An exciting finish followed. Martin Lāss, an Estonian national athlete representing the Bora-hansgrohe team on a daily basis, was great. The Estonian sprinter did not give any hope to the competitors, safely celebrating the victory. He spent 3 hours 55 minutes and 23 seconds on the track.

Second place went to Polish rider Adrian Banaszhek from the “Mazowsze” unit represented by Raima, but the three was finished by another Polish rider Macey Paterski (“Voster”). The best of Latvian riders was Mārtiņš Pluto. Everyday, the athlete living in the Netherlands won the fourth place (+00: 00: 03).

Two more cyclists from our country entered the top ten. He finished in ninth place Andžs Flaksis (+00: 00: 11), but in the tenth Christers Ansons, who represented the Ampler Development team in this competition. Emīls Liepiņš 22nd place (+00: 02: 25), Aleksas Krasts 35th position (+00: 02: 45), Mārtiņš Blūms 37th (+00: 02: 47), Māris Bogdanovičs 39th (+00: 02) : 53), Andris Vosekalns 43. (+00: 03: 05), Pauls Rubenis 49. (+00: 08: 49). Only 51 out of 105 cyclists finished.

Karl Patrick Lauks won in the overall rating. The best of the Latvians was Mārtiņš Pluto, who was in ninth place (+00: 00: 38). Kristers Ansons also won UCI points, 11th place, Andžs Flaksis 15th and Emīls Liepiņš 25th.

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