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Pep Guardiola’s reaction

by archysport

Beaten by Chelsea (1-0) in the Champions League final, Manchester City will not realize their ultimate dream this season. At the heart of the controversy especially for his surprising team composition, and the absence of Fernandinho, Pep Guardiola tried to explain the inexplicable for observers.

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“It’s a great success for us. My players have been exceptional. We had a good game, a great season. We have tried everything. Sometimes it goes, sometimes it doesn’t. Congratulations to Chelsea. I made the decision to have quality players. Gundogan served for many years in this position. Have speed, find small players, quality, brilliant players, inside, in the middle and between the lines. It was the decision, “ thus analyzed the Spanish manager. Not sure that these justifications are enough to alleviate the pain of Manchester City supporters tonight …

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