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People love sports, some are keen on the joy of competitions, some insist on shaping the perfect physique in the gym.

There are some people who are born for shoes and mad about shoes. Every pair of sneakers is a hard-won collection, and every collection is a testimony of history and culture.

Red Net Sports and Yixi Sports jointly launched a series of reports on “Big Party·Sneaker Tide Collection”, stepping into sneaker trend culture and revealing the story behind the collection together.

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Ade: Use illustrations to sublimate sneaker culture

Nowadays, more and more people like sneaker collection, but the way of collecting is not necessarily just owning. Graffiti creation on drawing paper with sneakers as the element is also a special experience. The collision of sneakers and illustrations reflects the diversity of sneaker collection culture.

In Guangzhou, there is such a special sneaker lover-Ade.


Ade takes a selfie.

“Sneakers are so handsome”

Ade, whose real name is Lu Zhide, is an ordinary “beater” born in 1995. He loves sneakers and has long been engaged in locomotive illustration design.

“Compared with other big players in the shoe circle, I only started to understand and like sneakers in 2016, and I got into the pit late.” According to Ade, my dormitory roommate in college was a very avid sneaker enthusiast and bought sneakers every week Magazines and his roommate’s dedication also unintentionally affected him.

Later, Ade used the money he saved from a part-time job to buy the first pair of sneakers he saw in sneaker magazines at the time-“AJ11 Slam Dunk”.


Ad’s first pair of shoes “AJ11 Slam Dunk”.

“Handsome!” This is Ade’s first impression of the sneakers. The reason why sneakers are so attractive is that in addition to the story of their brilliant achievements, they also have novel, trendy, and visually good design. “After all, I’m doing drawing related matters, and I pay more attention to design and color matching. Basketball shoes are considered a work of art to me.”

Another way to own sneakers

There are more and more sneaker collections, and Adelaide’s expenses have begun to rise. “Every time I buy shoes, I repeatedly tell myself,’This is the last pair, and I really want to buy it again.’ But in the end I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy shoes.” Ade said with a smile, once. He bought a pair of shoes with tuition fees and was criticized by his family. Only then did he realize that “shoes can’t be bought.”

How to do it? If you continue to buy it, it is financially overwhelming; if you don’t buy it, do you want to give up after buying so much? After careful consideration, a new idea popped up in Ade’s mind—draw the shoes he wanted to buy! Not only satisfies my own psychology of collecting sneakers, but can also make good use of my expertise, which can be described as a “double harvest.”



Some of the shoes in the collection of Adelaide and the sneaker illustrations of the design.

For Ade, the drawing of sneaker illustrations is a new way to understand sneaker culture and a new way to own a pair of sneakers. “Single shoes are pretty cool to draw, but they don’t look good. They can only be refreshed for a while, so I later gradually incorporate other elements, for example, I will base on the color of the shoe, the shape of the shoe, and the culture behind it. Characteristics, to present different illustration styles.” Ad said.

As a result, a pair of sneakers appeared vividly on the drawing paper, coupled with a very visually impactful background theme, which made many friends sigh: “Man, you are doing better than the official promotion of other sneakers!”









Ad’s illustration works.

For many people, love can only be love, so when love can become a profession, it is undoubtedly a very happy thing. Ade has a deep understanding of this.

“In the beginning, I just drew and played by myself, but I didn’t expect to receive everyone’s attention and welcome. Many friends came to me to customize sneaker illustrations for the same reason as my initial situation-the economy does not allow to buy expensive sneakers. Of course, there are some friends who already own a certain pair of shoes and still want to use illustrations to show their love for sneakers.” So Ade began to set aside more time to draw shoe illustrations. Sometimes, he will “customize” according to the needs of customers, and sometimes he will give full play to his imagination, and even make a second creation of the existing classic shoes.


A necklace designed by Adelaide.

Adelaide’s drawing gradually moved to a wider stage-he began to receive invitations from some trendy brands to participate in illustration design of corresponding themes.


An illustration designed by Adelaide for UZIS.

“UZIS, the trendy socks brand from Changsha, started the cooperation in a coincidence.” At present, he has designed illustrations for UZIS’s trendy socks and matching sneakers many times, and also designed some other designs for it. Sneakers, such as T-shirts, carpets, towels, necklaces, etc.

Hard process, more fun and rewarding

Exposure is the biggest difficulty Ade believes in the operation of sneaker illustrations and sneaker peripheral products.

“This question is still very realistic. It doesn’t matter if you paint by yourself, but if this is a profession, even the most beautiful design will look pale and colorless under low exposure, and no one can see you. Efforts will still make you feel uncomfortable.” In order to break through the difficulties, Ade tried many methods, such as displaying the results on Weibo and WeChat Moments, and sharing illustrations in major sneaker topic communities.


An illustration of Li Ning sneakers designed with elements of Hunan culture.

Now, there are more and more friends participating in sneaker illustrations and sneaker peripheral product design, the exposure has been unprecedentedly improved, and the market competition has become more and more fierce.

In this regard, Ade believes: “This is a good thing. In fact, anyone with a basic art foundation can try this field. The key is how to make your illustration design impress shoe friends. This requires a lot of hard work. s level.”



Ad’s illustration works.

Participating in sneaker illustrations not only gave Adela a better way to collect and understand sneaker culture, but also gave him a different way of life.

Like it does not necessarily have to be owned. Inheriting and carrying forward the spirit behind sneaker culture is the greatest significance and value of sneaker collection.

Weibo:ZD De 555

Above pictureAll provided by Ad

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Game Worn:Abbreviated as “GW”, usually refers to the sneakers or jerseys worn by the players during the game

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