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Ovidio Garnero was appointed in the international arena

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Judo. Pan American Confederation

This is the decision of the Pan American Judo Confederation, where the benchmark of our province must serve as Director of Refereeing and thus continue to be linked to this combat sport.

It is a determination that did not take by surprise, because it once again highlights an implacable trajectory within National and international Judo. Few times a personality so important for a sport was chosen for various positions during his life and one of those exceptions is Ovidio Garnero, who undoubtedly is synonymous every time Judo is discussed, both in our province and in the country. and it also transcends borders.

Garnero became the only Argentine who will be part of the new Executive Committee. In the last hours, the new authorities were known, among which are important references from other countries in the discipline, such as Peru, Canada, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba and the USA.

The also president of the Rioja Federation, participated last year in international trainings, through the Pan American Judo Confederation, which were developed through seminars held from Mexico and Brazil, with topics such as “Illegal levers Hansoku Make”, “Workshop of leadership “and” Pushing vs, Steeping Out “, among others.

During her long and positive sports career, Garnero lived 6 Olympic Games as an international judge, and also lived through the process of Paula Paretto where she was champion in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Our congratulations to the former athlete and Olympic coach with extensive experience in our province, recognized worldwide.

Garnero spoke with NUEVA RIOJA and shared his feelings about this new role that he will have to fulfill. “It is a highly important designation for me, in addition he fulfilled the function as commissioner of the National Judo Federation for the Pan-American continent. This is renewed for the third time this management, I since 2013, after the London Olympics, that I have been working in this arbitration commission, which allowed me to perform one more year as an active referee in the world, retiring from active arbitration in 2013 at the World Championship in Rio de Janeiro, which was my last performance as a World referee and From there, I have been dedicating myself to the issue of the development of training and the formation of the referees of the countries that make up the three continental regions of Pan-America. So it has been a great act of honor for me to be able to return and to be in this new Olympic cycle, which will allow me to continue working in the activity, which I have taken with so much passion, until after the Olympic Games in Paris is that they will be held in 2024 as headquarters, that is, when the Olympic cycle ends again, so good a responsibility that continues a very passionate work that I have been doing for a long time and is totally linked to a sports career that I have actively had internationally and in this role has allowed me to continue related to this sport and especially with the Judo of the Olympic world throughout the process of all these years, “he explained.

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“It comes to me at a very special time, I have accumulated a very great experience in continental work and world work, I have held five Olympic Games as an active referee and I have already been a commissioner for two Olympic Games, and I continue in this important career of power. have control of the arbitration in the competition, “said Garnero.

“It is a very important responsibility, since we have a director of the International Federation and then five commissioners, one for each continent and in this case it is my turn to have the responsibility of the American continent. It is to continue with this responsibility, with the one that I have been working on for many years I started back in 1985 “, said this experienced reference of this combat sport.

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