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Opacity vs. Transparency – El Sol de Durango

by archysport

Once again, like every four years, our Maximum House of Studies will experience a very important day to elect in a few days the new committee of the SPAUJED union, which brings together the academic staff of the UJED. On this occasion, it seems that everything points so that the university teachers have the alternative of voting for transparency, or for the opacity that the UJED has suffered for eight years with the current identified with the current secretary general, Jesús Soto. While it is true that his wife has rights to be a candidate, what society does not see favorably is that a kind of electoral nepotism is being attempted in this election.

It is said that in the last 8 years, the current union of SPAUJED has not been transparent with its members with the resources they contribute. There are, for example, cases that professors question for the handling of mortgage loans, or to buy a car. It would be good to comment that the election of the new SPAUJED committee will have to be carried out in accordance with the new labor reform, which establishes, among other things, the guarantee of the free and secret vote of teachers when casting their vote.

We could say that for the first time in the history of the Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango there will be an even floor, and it will be the teachers who elect their representatives.

On the one hand, there may be more of the same or continuity with the candidate Sagrario Salas Name. We already mentioned that the candidate has her legitimate rights, which are not in doubt, but in the sin of nepotism she could carry penance. The case of the other candidate, Erik Hernández Cousain, whose main axis of campaign discourse is transparency, in obvious reference to the opacity of accountability by the current secretary general of the UJED Academic Staff Union, Jesús Soto.

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The candidate Erik Hernández is not improvised on union issues, to be a candidate he resigned his portfolio in the current committee. And since it is said that in eight years opacity in the management of teachers’ resources has been privileged, and if the current committee proposes with its candidate that everything changes so that everything remains the same, teachers will have to think and reason for their vote.

The banner of Sagrario Salas Name is to tell the 2,000 teachers who will vote that dynamic retirement, life insurance, the ISSSTE issue, mortgage loans, among other benefits, will disappear.

We all know that the benefits embodied in the collective bargaining agreement with the employer’s part of the UJED are impossible to disappear. The rectory would not become harakiri. It is also true that these benefits, for complying with them, the UJED has had many financial problems. As they say in baseball: “This is not it.”

Academics can no longer be fooled or scared with the dead man’s duffel bag.

The 2,000 teachers will undoubtedly vote for what is in the best interest of the union and the university. They have two proposals to vote: opacity or transparency, and who represents those two positions.


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