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Only this coach is better than the Champions League winner

by archysport

No, number one trains Liverpool

Tuchel has developed from a nerd to a popular figure, demystified his former master Guardiola – and is one of the best coaches in the world after the Champions League triumph with Chelsea. However, he is not yet the best German coach. At least one is better: Klopp from Liverpool FC.

Yes, Tuchel was successful in every one of his stations. With Mainz he qualified for Europe, with Dortmund he won the cup, with Paris twice the championship.

But there is a crucial difference between him and Klopp. The one between success and hero status.

Klopp is not only successful like Tuchel. He made it into a legend everywhere: in Mainz, Dortmund and Liverpool.

No wonder: Tuchel worked for two to five years at his stations, Klopp for seven years. Tuchel always focused primarily on the team, Klopp electrified the whole club, the fan scene and the league. And even more important: Tuchel plays attractively, Klopp sometimes breathtaking. Tuchel has overcome small phases of weakness, Klopp real crises.

Both coaches have already done extraordinary things. They are brilliant coaches, but only one is number one: Klopp. Only then does Tuchel come. Then Hansi Flick. And then Julian Nagelsmann.


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