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“One stop for seven months. Dance classes are good”

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At the «Hi.Life Sport & Fitness» in via Calnova in San Donà, May 24 will remain a date engraved in the annals. The instructors Gastone Veronese and Riccardo Guiotto are specialized in activities in the gym, fitness, then athletic training and motor and sports rehabilitation, including judo for the youngest and dance. «At the moment we have limited the days» they explain, «to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so Saturday only in the morning. After exactly 7 months we reopened, no help of any kind arrived and the restart could only be uphill. The resumption of dance was also good, with the Hi.Dance section which we care a lot about. “Compliance with the rules and regulations for safety must be absolute”, with spacing, total sanitation of tools and environments, use of the mask. On these bases we can all start again and try to resume as before trying to build on what we had to improve and that can be useful also in the future ». –

Giovanni Cagnassi

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