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Olympics for residents of the Mapa de Ploërdut – Ploërdut

by archysport

Usually, the Ephad of Morbihan meet in the same place to compete in the Olympics. The health context prevented this gathering this year. The organizers of Profession sport 56 (PS56) had the idea of ​​holding an event in each establishment. At the Mapa de Ploërdut, it took place on Wednesday morning. Anna Martin, animator of PS56, who comes regularly in the places, set up workshops under the benevolent eye of Irek Becker, also animator.

The residents shared a warm moment by indulging in small games well suited to their age and physical ability. The events began with soft archery (archery) and continued with the parachute, a game of skill. The third workshop offered walking, motor skills and ball throwing. There was also a volleyball game and, finally, a cognitive game where residents had to find words from a letter or a theme, all in a friendly atmosphere.

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