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New Panthers knocked out in Legnano on their debut in an A2 race

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Coach Peppe Cardet’s boys make up for a bad impression in Lombardy Sunday they try again at the Carraia stadium against Reale Mutua Avigliana

Eva Bertolacci

LUCCA. The season of the beat and run in Lucca has officially begun, with the first teams of the Nuove Pantere company taking to the field in their respective softball and baseball commitments.

In the youth sector, the Under 18 and Under 15 are rested, while the youngest of the Under 12s took to the field and achieved a great success in Sesto Fiorentino in their seasonal debut.

Softball Serie A2. In Legnano the debut of the team coached by Josè “Peppe” Cardet and by the aspiring technician Valentina Fadda pays the price against an accredited training for the category jump.

A hard start that must not, however, undermine the aspirations of a roster that wants to maintain a prestigious category at all costs.

The Lombard in the two matches played on the home diamond clearly impose 10 – 0 and 7 – 0, partly aided by the awe of the guests.

The people of Lucca await their next commitments to redeem themselves and demonstrate what they are made of. Next match at the municipal stadium of Carraia in Capannori on Sunday 30 May against the Turin team of Reale Mutua Avigliana Rebels.

Here is the A2 series softball squad: Alberti, Bartoli, Dissanayake Appuhamilage, Fabbrini, Ferrando, Ferroni, Mazzanti, Meoni, Nesti F., Nesti R., Papucci, Verrecchia.

Baseball Serie C. A completely different debut for the coach’s men’s team Amaurys Suarez that in Sesto Fiorentino against the Padule wins 13-5.

Beautiful performance on the mound for Agostini for four innings, then space for the young pitchers Francesconi (class 2005) and Warnacula (2004) who performed well given their young age.

This is the Serie C baseball roster: Agostini, Bertolucci, Bosi, Caro, G., Caro P., Concepcion, Fernandez, Francesconi, Giannetti, Kumar, Lellis, Manenti, Mastroianni, Navarathna, Padron Velazquez, Pena Nunez, Ramirez, Warnacula.

Under 12. There could not have been a better debut for the technical team Tiziano Agostini, Alessia Ambrogi and Amaurys Suarez who with a score of 24-10 surpass the formation of the Padule away.

This is the squad of baseball 12 where boys and girls who are passionate about this sport play together: Alice Francesconi, Lorenzo Giuntoli, Flavio Barra, Mauro Nunziata, Ingo Nottoli, Orlando Pierallini, Teodoro Gehrig, Iacopo Massaggi, Riccardo Sinibaldi, Sawan Kumar.


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