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‘My goal is to walk by myself’; Tiger Woods after accident

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In your first interview after his bad car accident in February, the American Tiger Woods described his current rehabilitation process as the most “painful” experience of your career without commenting on his future in golf.

Woods, 45Said to walk back by itself is currently target number one of his recovery process from the multiple fractures in his right leg suffered in the collision.

Throughout his extensive career, the former world number one and winner of 15 Grand Slam tournaments has undergone numerous surgeries back and knee.

However, the golf star acknowledged in the brief interview, posted Thursday on the Golf Digest website, that the harshness of those rehabilitations pales in comparison to the current process.

“This has been a completely different animal,” Woods said. “I understand the rehab processes more because of my previous injuries, but this has been more painful than anything I have ever experienced.”

According to the report, it is still unknown if Woods will need additional procedures for the injuries, including open fractures of the tibia and fibula, and if he will be able to regain full strength and mobility in his leg.

The magazine noted that Woods had no comment when asked about his hopes of playing golf again. The Californian responded that his immediate priority focuses on walking without assistance.

“My physical therapy has kept me busy”, he claimed. “I do my routines every day and am focused on my number one goal right now: walking on my own. I’m taking it one step at a time.”

A photo of Woods posted on Instagram this week showed the golfer on crutches but without the protective boot he had used earlier in the year.

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Tiger, for his part, appreciated the support he has received worldwide during his recovery.

“It has been incredible,” he declared. “I have had a lot of support from people, both inside and outside of golf, which means a lot to me and has helped me tremendously. ”


Woods was recovering from back surgery when he suffered his accident on February 23 outside of Los Angeles, California. Police determined that Woods was driving almost twice the speed limit when his SUV got out of control and rolled several times before ending up overturned.

After a lengthy and complex surgery, Woods was hospitalized for weeks before returning home to Florida in March.


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