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MVP. The consecration of a star who points to the NBA

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The Final Four in Cologne was Vasilje’s Micic. The Serbian point guard, who grew up idolizing Diamantidis, has confirmed himself as the great star of European basketball dominating the game at a level not seen since Doncic at the Final Four in Belgrade in 2018. A control of the rhythm, of the tempo, of the spaces and the game in general that has led him to MVP of the Final Four in Cologne after two sensational matches.

In the semifinal, against CSKA Moscow, the Kraljevo player went to the 25 points, 3 rebounds and 6 assists, with a PIR of 26. And in the end, similar numbers, 25 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists, with a PIR of 28 against Barça. Two great games that show that Micic is currently the best player in Europe, in the best possible scenario, and deserving of the MVP. The MVP of the regular season that he got and that he revalidated in Cologne, with the MVP of the Final Four.

What does the future hold for Micic?

Micic, base of 1.95 m. And 27 years old, make the jump to the NBA, next season. The Oklahoma City Thunder have their NBA rights and European market circles are expected to accept the Thunder’s proposal to try their luck in the NBA next season. the only team he could make the jump to after his rights were traded from the Philadelphia Sixers.

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