Mother’s Day in Colombia: restrictions in major cities | Outside of Soccer

On May 3, the National Government postponed the celebration of Mother’s Day for this Sunday 30. The increases in cases of covid-19 forced this determination.

With the arrival of the presented day, some of the main cities of the country decided to take measures taking into account the numbers of infections, which do not subside, and the difficult situation of public order.


Shops and restaurants will have a maximum capacity to avoid conglomerations, as has happened in recent months, and may operate until 10 pm It is worth remembering that from May 24 there is a curfew from 11 pm to midnight. 4 am the next day, a measure that is maintained.


The Government of Antioquia decreed from May 26 a curfew for the entire department from midnight to 5 am It is worth remembering that the Peak and Cédula are not in force, which is why each site must control the entry of people.


The Authorities decided to remove the curfew for the celebration of Mother’s Day throughout the Atlantic. “The Ministry of Health designated Barranquilla as one of the two cities that will lead the opening process for the progressive reactivation of the country within an initiative called the Welfare Plan for Reactivation, which contemplates an economic and social opening,” announced a spokesperson from District.


The entire Valle del Cauca has curfew and dry law measures between midnight and 5 a.m. Likewise, the home service will be provided until 1 a.m.


The city that has had a curfew since last Friday, extended its hours to be able to share in the celebration. Thus, the establishments will be able to operate from 10 am to midnight. Between 10 pm and 5 am on Monday there is a curfew.




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