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Mercato Inter, Lautaro and Hakimi’s agent explains the situation

by archysport

In home Inter, there is much concern for the future of Lautaro e Judge. Interviewed by Qsvs on Telelombardia, the agent of the two players Alejandro Camano wanted to clarify: “Judge? There is currently no situation. I haven’t talked to any club and I don’t believe theInter. It is a difficult time for football, there is a difficult economic situation. It is not easy to get out of a complicated situation due to Covid19. I believe it is not possible today to say who fromInter he will come out to fix this complicated economic situation ”.

Judge was a protagonist of the season ofInter and his future still hangs in the balance: “He is very young, he arrived at Inter with a very intelligent decision. When the transfer market starts, they call you for your players, for all the players. The market starts and if theInter is in trouble we will understand what to do. The market will tell. How much can it be worth today with the pandemic Judge? In the meantime, I must congratulate the Inter managers because after Borussia many have looked for him but he has arrived atInter. I don’t know the cost of the transfer market and the card is owned by the club. There is a demand and there is an offer ”.

Hot topic the renewal of Lautaro: “I arrived at your attorney today and I need to speak to theInter but the relationship with the club is good. If the renewal agreement was not reached earlier it is the responsibility of the previous agent. Help he is an important professional who defends the interests of the club very well. Now comes the new coach, first we need to understand the sporting aspect and then we will talk about all the players who are very important. Judge has 4 years of contract still e Lautaro two. In the future I don’t know, all players have a price and I believe that if all of Europe has seen Inter and their champions football, all players will be taken into consideration ”.

Farewell to Antonio Conte, now atInter there is Simone Inzaghi: “I think that if the managers chose him it is because he was the best coach for theInter. I think he is a great coach and we don’t have an opinion on that. Football is not easy but he has experience, we don’t know him personally but we believe he is good. We wish the best to Conte“.

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