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Marvin Schwänke wants to take the next step at FC Köln

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Gmarry when it’s at its best – Marvin Schwänke has to laugh. “This sentence is absolutely true.” The goalkeeper has been able to call himself Danish champions since Whit Monday. With Brøndby IF, he ended an eventful season triumphantly: 11,000 fans watched in the stadium as the most popular Danish club defeated FC Nordsjælland 2-0 on the last matchday. For the first time since 2005, the loyal supporters celebrated again – surprisingly, the club from the western suburb left FC Midtjylland and FC Copenhagen behind. And that, although Brøndby with a budget of ten million euros only spends half or a third on his professionals.

“Our goal was to get into the top six. They play a championship round in Denmark. We then became more and more stable and we had a tough duel with Midtjylland, ”says Schwänke. The 26-year-old from Darmstadt only really believed in the title on the penultimate matchday. Brøndby fought ten times for 60 minutes and won 2-1 in Aarhus, while Midtjylland lost at FC Copenhagen.

Just two days after the championship celebration, Marvin Schwänke was sitting at Kastrup Airport and left Copenhagen for Frankfurt. He did not renew his contract. “I want to take the next step,” says Schwänke. He is associated with 1. FC Köln. In this respect, the result of Saturday’s relegation should have pleased him.

Often championships are given out of hand

Schwäbe’s three years in Copenhagen end at a climax. Brøndby has often enough gambled away championships on the finish line. Most recently in 2018 with the German trainer Alexander Zorniger. When nobody expected the yellow-blue, they were there because the competition was weakening. “We weren’t better individually,” says Schwänke, “but as a team.”

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It started for the young goalkeeper in 2018 under Zorniger. A new league, a different country, a foreign language. After years in the second (Dresden) and third division (Osnabrück), Schwänke wanted to move forward: “Denmark is a training league, that seemed ideal to me.” But it wasn’t that easy. For a long time, the failure of the 2018 season finale was in the minds of the players. In addition, the fans wept after goalkeeper Frederik Rønnow; he had gone to Eintracht Frankfurt. Schwäbe’s mistakes were counted, the parades forgotten. “I had difficulties starting,” he says. Fortunately, his wife was there: “Especially in times of Corona, I was very happy not to be alone abroad.”


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