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“Magician Pep: he does not lose even when he loses”

by archysport

Hfor a long time I think so Pep Guardiola he wouldn’t have a legion of admirers who defend him tooth and nail whatever happens, if he didn’t come starring in some deed songs that more resemble a Venezuelan soap opera, that is, if he were treated with a certain normality, then Pep would be even more legendary than he is.

Pep just lost one Champions final, remember. He has lost, I insist, 1-0 to him Chelsea in Porto.

At the moment nor knows how to win a European Cup without Messi, but that is not a serious flaw. Zidane neither has he done it without Cristiano. Y Phil Jackson had first to Jordan and Pippen, then to Kobe and Shaq and a little later to Kobe and Pau Gasol. The greatest coaches in history, even them, don’t score goals.

The problem with Pep is that it never fails, it never hits. And yes, failure is an ugly word in sports. Pep is not a failure, far from it. I tried with him City, reached the final and was unable to break down the Chelsea wall, as happened before to the Spanish champion, the Atlantic, and the great specialist of the tournament, the Real Madrid. He has just won the Premier, his teams play marvelously, he also conquered Germany with the Bayern and it doesn’t take much to remember your Only: it’s immortal.

But the eternal appreciation of the character is tiresome, who seems never to be mistaken when exalted. We know, because it has been broadcast ad nauseam, that he had an assistant coach, Lillo, as if the coaches of the elite teams had no shoulders to lean on.

Yesterday we discovered that It is a value to kiss the medal of the runner-up, something that the reviled Zidane did not do because he never lost, or present a lineup without a defensive midfielder, in a genius that the devotees of the unique thought have already been quick to appreciate. It’s so cool to play without a defensive midfielder that the MVP of the final was … Kant. Pep also began to build a story as soon as the game was over, “it was our first time.” Because the City of the investment of 623 million euros somehow it is poor.

Pep It is divine, of course it is, and at the same time mortal, just a football coach. One of the greats, who wins and loses. It is not necessary to celebrate their defeats with the smile of the resentful one. But not isolate him in the infallible bubble. So much alchemy with him is bad. Generates rejection and it’s so good that it should only provoke admiration.


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