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LIVE TMW – Lazio, official farewell to Simone Inzaghi. Contact with Mihajlovic

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Here all the updates on the future of Simone Inzaghi and on the Lazio bench

20.24 – OFFICIAL THE FAREWELL OF SIMONE INZAGHI – Now it’s official. Simone Inzaghi will not be the Lazio coach next season. The announcement came directly from the biancoceleste club, which however did not even mention the coach: “We respect the rethinking of a coach and, first, of a player who for many years has linked his name to the Lazio family and to the many successes biancocelesti “.

19.02 – Contacts with Mihajlovic – Sinisa Mihajlovic is the hot name in Lazio for the post Simone Inzaghi. There have already been some first contacts between the parties. If everything goes as planned and Inzaghi marries Inter by signing a three-year deal worth 4 million per season, Mihajlovic could become the new Biancocelesti coach. Lazio studies the moves for the future.

19.00 – Inzaghi towards the yes to Inter – Simone Inzaghi is fast approaching Inter. Despite Lotito’s words a little while ago, who announced that “the coach’s renewal with Lazio will be announced shortly until 2024”, the last conversation between the coach and the Biancoceleste president ended badly, after the Inzaghi himself had asked for more time before making the final decision. After the quarrel between the two, yes to Inter: now only the details of the contract have to be dealt with.

18.29 – Lotito: “Soon we will announce the renewal of Inzaghi until 2024” – Another sensational news arrives on the possible future of Simone Inzaghi. While the coach is still negotiating with Inter, after having warned Lazio about his talks with the Nerazzurri, the Biancocelesti president, Claudio Lotito, told Il Messaggero: “Announcement of Inzaghi’s renewal until 2024? we will do “.

18.13 – Inzaghi to Inter? Deal close to 4 million per season for three years – Simone Inzaghi could really take the place of Antonio Conte on the Inter bench. According to what our editorial team has gathered, the coach seems to be close to an agreement with the Italian champions and the salary figures would be around 4 million euros per season plus bonuses. The parties are negotiating on the duration, which could be three years. In all this, Lazio, as we have told you, is aware of the coach’s new contacts with the Nerazzurri and Inzaghi himself, in the phone call with the Biancocelesti, spoke of a question of stimuli and motivations.

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17.20 – The agent of Bastoni and Inzaghi at the Inter headquarters – Tullio Tinti, Simone Inzaghi’s agent, is back inside the Inter headquarters. The prosecutor also follows Alessandro Bastoni and is officially in an interview with the Nerazzurri management for the renewal of the defender, but it is difficult to think that we cannot also talk about the coach, who has an agreement with Lazio but has not yet signed.

17.16 – Inter, new contact with Inzaghi – Inter try again for Simone Inzaghi. In these minutes, contacts with the Lazio coach have been reconnected, who seem to be one step away from the renewal of the contract until 2024 (only the signatures would be missing). According to what filters from Nerazzurri circles, however, the coach could accept the courtship of Inter. With Lazio that if the scenario were to occur would find itself displaced. These are hot hours, Inter are trying to make a new attempt, now, in extremis, for Simone Inzaghi.

13.40 – Guarantees on the permanence of the big names – Not just an economic issue, but above all a project. At the base of Simone Inzaghi’s decision to stay at Lazio and say no to Inter’s advances there was also the reassurance of Claudio Lotito’s president that he wanted to keep the club at high levels. Therefore, the big players currently in pink will remain, from Immobile to Luis Alberto passing through Acerbi and Milinkovic-Savic. On the other hand, the offers for Correa (not less than 25 million euros), Luiz Felipe and Strakosha will be evaluated.

11.02 – Already today the announcement of the renewal of the contract? – Yesterday evening the Lazio president Claudio Lotito and the coach Simone Inzaghi defined the agreement for the extension of the contract for another three seasons, until June 2024. Salary of 2.5 million euros for Inzaghi, who agreed to stay at the helm of the biancoceleste team. At this point, waiting for the officiality of his stay already in the next hours.

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23.59- Inzaghi remains with Lazio – Claudio Lotito convinced Simone Inzaghi and the technician’s signature on the renewal until 2024 is very close. Today’s meetings are decisive, first at Villa San Sebastiano and then in Formello after dinner, with the coach who will therefore continue his path to Lazio and will not take the place of Antonio Conte at Inter.

23.06 – Inzaghi, Lotito and Tare in Formello – New meeting to talk about the renewal between Simone Inzaghi, Igli Tare and Claudio Lotito who are currently in Formello to discuss the signing of the coach. Positive feelings at Lazio, with the coach who could really extend his contract.

21.45 – The point on the summit – The meeting between the president of Lazio, Claudio Lotito, and Simone Inzaghi, with Igli Tare remotely lasted an hour and a half, from 19 to 20.30. Optimism filters out, but the signature has not yet arrived. The coach presented Inter’s offer and this puts him in a position to make more important requests to Lotito himself. Inzaghi would like to stay, despite the Nerazzurri’s offer, but only in the next few hours will he understand if a definitive agreement will be found.

8.43 pm – Inzaghi away from the villa: “Let’s go to dinner” – Simone Inzaghi a few minutes ago he left Villa San Sebastiano, where he met the president of Lazio Claudio Lotito to talk about the future. A smiling face for the Biancoceleste coach, with the match that will resume shortly, given that the person concerned said: “We are going to dinner”.

19.05 – Lotito and Inzaghi at Villa San Sebastiano, the summit starts! – Simone Inzaghi’s future is decided. A few minutes later Claudio Lotito returned to Villa San Sebastiano and then Simone Inzaghi arrived. The decisive summit for the Lazio bench is underway.

17.00 Simone Inzaghi’s agent at the Inter headquarters – Tullio Tinti spent over two hours at the Inter headquarters this afternoon. Tinti is the prosecutor of Ranocchia, Darmian and Bastoni, but also of Simone Inzaghi. And the Biancoceleste coach, in the event of Conte’s farewell, is the name that the Nerazzurri management is considering for replacement. “I came for my players”, Tinti merely said to our correspondent before getting into the car.

16.37 – “Inzaghi for life” – While waiting for the match, outside Villa San Sebastiano – where Claudio Lotito is at the moment – a fan displayed a banner that reads: “Inzaghi for life”.

15.11 – Claudio Lotito at Villa San Sebastiano – Meanwhile, the president of Lazio Claudio Lotito has just arrived at his residence, at Villa San Sebastiano. To understand, now, if Tare and Inzaghi will join him there or if they will see each other elsewhere.

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14.35 – Tare away from Formello – Waiting to understand when and where the meeting will take place today, sports director Igli Tare has just left the sports center in Formello.

14.04 – Inter, exploratory survey for Simone Inzaghi – Simone Inzaghi this morning was the protagonist of an exploratory survey by the Inter executives. The Nerazzurri club is currently being challenged by the fans, it is trying to understand if the break with Antonio Conte, which seems inevitable, can be recomposed at the last minute. But in the meantime he looks around, and the events of the Inter house are intertwined with those of the Lazio house …

13.55 Lazio-Inzaghi, it’s the day of truth – Simone Inzaghi fully qualified in the bench waltz. Today the Biancoceleste coach, who is expiring his contract, will have to meet Tare and Lotito. The summit will be crucial to understand whether or not to move forward together.



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