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LIVE: Elise Mertens wins first set despite a difficult start | Roland Garros

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Storm Sanders (161, Jellyfish.)


Elise Mertens (15, 14)

This afternoon, Elise Mertens comes into action in the first round of Roland Garros. Opponent in Paris is Australian qualifying player Storm Sanders. Follow the match on this page, on Radio 1 you will receive updates from our man on the spot.

  1. 15:343 p.m. 34. Begin second set. Mertens starts the second set well with a break. 0-1 and storage for Mertens. .
  2. 15:323 pm 32. You felt the support of a dozen Belgians here in the stands. Dirk Gerlo.
  3. 15:2715 hours 27. First set is in for Mertens. A visibly relieved Mertens brings in the first set. Elise Mertens had a difficult start and ended up 4-1 behind. But the Belgian recovered completely in the second part and turned the tables. First set is in: 6-4 for Mertens. .
  4. 15:2415 hours 24. On and on! Mertens screams at 4-4 and is clearly relieved. Our Belgian number 1 is now taking the upper hand again and goes through the storage of Sanders, 4-5 for Mertens. .
  5. 15:143 pm 14. Break for Mertens. 4-3! Mertens seems to gradually find her level. She is getting better in the game and comes back to 4-3. .
  6. 15:0915 hours 09.4-2. Our tennis expert Dirk Gerlo sees a nervous Mertens at the start of the match. Her job is to find concentration again. Apparently there would have been problems with the sponsors on her visor before the start of the competition. .
  7. 15:073 pm 07. Mertens has a difficult start against Sanders. Dirk Gerlo on Radio 1.
  8. 14:502 p.m. 50. Strong start from Australian. Mertens is 3-0 behind in the first set. Sanders in particular starts very well, Mertens still has to get into her rhythm. .
  9. 14:4814 hours 48.2-0. Immediately a break for Sanders who starts the game very well. .
  10. 14:412 pm 41. Mertens and Sanders have started it. Elise Mertens’ adventure in Paris has officially begun. .
  11. 14:332.00 pm 33. Sanders should normally not be too big of a problem for Mertens. Dirk Gerlo on Radio 1.
  12. 14:322 pm 32. Hopefully we will see a fresh Elise Mertens. The second week must really be the goal for her. Dirk Gerlo.
  13. 14:282 p.m. 28. Mertens can finally start. Elise Mertens had to wait a little longer for it, but it’s finally up to her. The American gentlemen make way for the women. Johnson makes up for a 2-0 deficit in sets and takes the decisive fifth set. He thus beats his fellow countryman Tiafoe. .
  14. 14:012 pm 01. Mertens will start in half an hour. The two American players are in their decisive fifth set. .
  15. 12:5012.50 pm. Court 7. We have to wait a while for Elise Mertens. Two Americans are currently fighting for a place in the second round on her site. Francis Tiafoe (ATP-74) is currently leading 6-7 and 3-6 against fellow countryman Steve Johnson (ATP-88). .
  16. 12:4512:45 PM. I’ve been feeling really good the last few days, much better than before. Elise Mertens.
  17. 11:5811 hours 58. Rest after Rome. The first half of the season for Mertens was one with ups and downs. The Belgian number 1 started very well on hard court. For example, she reached the semi-finals of the WTA tournament in Dubai. But on gravel, a surface that suits her, Elise Mertens could not really confirm. In Madrid she was in good shape. She floored the number 3 in the world, Simona Halep, among others. But in the quarterfinals she eventually had to give up with a thigh injury. In Rome, Mertens turned out not to have fully recovered and she immediately flew out in the first round. She then decided to take a 2-week rest. .
  18. 11:3111 am 31. First hurdle for Mertens: the Australian Storm Sanders. The 26-year-old Storm Sanders (WTA-161) is on paper a viable option for Elise Mertens (WTA-15). For the Australian, it is the first time that she has reached the Roland Garros main draw in singles. In the past two years, she never got further than the first round in Paris in the doubles. Sanders is certainly not a gravel specialist. Her favorite surface is hard courts such as at the Australian Open. It is striking that the Australian did not lose a single set in her three qualifying rounds. .
  19. 11:1811 a.m. 18.
  20. 11:1711 hours 17.
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