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L’Efes Sacred Istanbul, Beaubois and Moerman champions of Europe!

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Aurélien CANOT, Media365, published on Sunday May 30, 2021 at 11:20 p.m.

Two years after its failure against CSKA Mosou, Efes Istanbul won the final of the men’s Euroleague on Sunday at the expense of Barcelona by a score of 86 to 81. A success which crowned the two French champions of Europe. Turkish team Adrien Moerman and Rodrigue Beaubois.

NBA champion with Dallas in 2011, Rodrigue Beaubois added ten years later a first European championship title to his superb record. Adrien Moerman, three times champion of France, also climbed for the first time in his life on the roof of Europe, this Sunday evening in Cologne (Germany) after the victory of his team Efes Istanbul at the expense of Barcelona (86-81). Two years after having already stumbled in the Euroleague final against the Russians of CSKA Moscow (the last final since the 2020 edition had not taken place), the Turkish club did not fail this time and won the first European championship title in its history. The Efes and his two Tricolors were however far from leaving with the favors of the forecasts, especially against the Barcelona monster and his Spanish superstar Pau Gasol, returned precisely to his land in order to conquer his first trophy in the Euroleague. The two-time NBA champion with the Lakers and runner-up with Boston in 2008 is unlikely to ever clinch him. However, he did not go far to achieve it upon his return.

Two years after the coronation of Fener

Despite a start to the match dominated by the Stambouliotes and their two strong men Vasilije Micic (25 points), elected MVP of the competition, and Shane Larkin (21 points), Barça, carried by Cory Higgins (23 points), author of the basket of victory at the buzzer in the semi-finals, had not given up and had ended up coming back up to the Turks, five minutes from the end. With a team that was completely similar (eleven out of twelve players were present) to the one that had lost in 2019, Efes could not relive the same misadventure. Despite the return of the Catalans, she therefore found the strength, thanks in particular to an imperial Larkin throwing (12 out of 12), to return to the fight, and to snatch this first star. The first for Turkey, already propelled to the continental summit in 2017 after the title of Fenerbahçe. This time, the hour of glory is for Efes and its two Frenchmen Moerman (6 points, 8 rebounds) and Beaubois (3 points).

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