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LeBron: “I will never go there! If I am traded there, I retire ”

by archysport

Barring a huge combination of circumstances, LeBron James should end his career in Los Angeles. But if the King does not yet know when and where he will hang up the sneakers for sure, he has humorously revealed the franchise where, for sure, he will absolutely not go! And you will understand why, because the man seems marked for life …

LeBron James is so influential, so valuable and so talented that he is one of those rare players who never had and never will have to worry about being traded. Throughout his career, the King has controlled his destiny, and he intends to continue to do so until his last meeting in the NBA. But during the show The Shop that he co-produced, the native of Akron let himself go during a discussion where the subject reached… Orlando. Here’s the exchange below:

LeBron, responding to a participant who says they don’t want to visit Orlando : “Ah that… Besides, that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t take my daughter to Disney World! As soon as I hear ‘Orlando’, I immediately have post-traumatic stress. I was in a bubble for ninety-five days, and… ”

Mav Carter: “So Orlando has no chance of signing you for free agency?” “

LeBron: “They don’t have a chance! “

Carter: “And if you get traded in Orlando, what happens?” “

LeBron: “I won’t go. I’m retiring, that’s all ”(laughs)

You will understand, we were there in the middle of a barber-shop discussion, which obviously had no great foundations in reality.

Orlando are one of the worst teams in the league, and the franchise wouldn’t even think of trying to recruit the Chosen One, who don’t care about Magic. On the other hand, imagining LeBron being traded, and as a bonus being traded there, has a percentage of probability equivalent to seeing Larry Bird come back to the NBA.

The sequence will at least have had the merit of making everyone laugh, and of reviving a painful memory for James. Because despite the title, the glory and the satisfaction of the accomplished duty, the suffering of isolation for more than 3 months is still very palpable …

Sorry Orlando, LeBron James has eternal beef against the city. At the same time, the Magic wasn’t really counting on a royal arrival!

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