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Laure (Koh-Lanta 2021) as a couple or single? “Fate does things well …” (EXCLUDED)

by archysport

She was (almost) at the end of Koh-Lanta, The Secret Weapons. Laure was forced to quit the game after the orienteering race, which was lost. She will not face Maxine, Jonathan and Lucie on the posts, but keeps very fond memories of her beautiful career in the game of TF1. Koh-Lanta changed Laure’s life! But not necessarily on all points … In interview for Purepeople.com, the farmer answers the questions that many ask themselves: is she in a relationship or single?

During the archery test, Jonathan breaks Laure’s arrow, preventing him from benefiting from a call to his relatives. He explains that, unlike other candidates still in the game, the young woman has neither children nor companions. Today nothing has changed. “I’m still single, but it’s a choice!“, she blurted out with a burst of laughter.

Laure (Koh-Lanta) single and soon in Love is in the meadow?

Single, but not necessarily looking for true love. “At the moment, I am not looking. I am good like this. And I’m assuming fate does it right so anyway it’ll happen on its own, considers the great friend of Maxine, who is in a relationship with a professional tennis player. No need to hurry, to look on the networks if someone pleases us …

Maybe the 25-year-old farmer could then look for her other half on M6, in Love is in the Meadow, dating presented by Karine Le Marchand … No, not even in a dream! “No no no ! I want to find love in private, not in public!“, Laure balances.

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