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Latvia will be represented in BMX men’s and women’s competitions at the Tokyo Olympics – Cycling – Sportacentrs.com

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The third stage of the World Cup in Bogotá was a great success for Latvian BMX athletes. For the first time since 2017, our athletes managed to reach the top three. This was done by Helvijs Babris. The student of coach Mika Puķītis won the third place. Until the final, Kristens Kriegers also showed a great performance. In his first PK final, after a good start, Krieger experienced a very heavy fall. Although our athlete did not get fractures, he hit his head hard and could not get to the start in the fourth stage.

Thanks to the very successful start of the men’s elite in the third stage, Latvia stabilized its position in the Olympic ranking of nations, further distancing its closest follower Germany. This means that we will see an athlete from our country in the most important sporting event of the four years among 24 men. Taking into account the change of generations in Latvian BMX after the end of the careers of Māris Štrombergs and Edžus Treimanis, this is definitely a successful result. The lion’s court points were awarded to Helvis Babris and Kristen Krīgers.

Thanks mainly to the results achieved by Vineta Peterson, Latvia has also qualified for the Tokyo Women’s Olympics BMX competition. It succeeded according to the ranking of Olympic nations, where the student of coach Ģirts Kātiņš Pētersone regularly scored valuable points. The only time when one of the Latvian athletes qualified for the Olympic Games was in 2012. At that time, the honor of our country was defended by Sandra Alexeyeva.

A great contribution to the achieved goal is the contribution of every athlete, his coaches, service staff, Valmiera City, High Class Athlete Training Center, Ministry of Education and Science, Latvian Olympic Committee, Latvian Olympic Unit, clubs represented by athletes, municipalities and other supporters.

PK Phase 4, Bogota

Men’s Elite Group:

Helvijs Babris overcame the first round of the fourth stage with the first pass, who won the second place in his race. Mikus Strazdiņš also qualified for the eighth final, finishing second in the “last hope” race. This time, the quarterfinals were left without the representation of Latvian athletes. In their eighth final finals, both of our men took sixth (Strazdins) and seventh (Babris) places, respectively.
The victory in the grand final was won by Georgis Dode from France.

Women’s elite group:

Vineta Pētersone started the day with the sixth place in the first round of the race. In the semi-final “AKSSC Valmiera / Silva ziķeri” the driver qualified after the victory in the “last hope” race.

In the semifinals, Vineta reached the seventh position after the start. Although she tried to climb the track, she failed. Seventh place in the race and final without our driver. The main favorite was Mariana Pahona.

Men’s U23 Group:

Edward Glazer won the third place in the first round of his race, reaching the quarterfinals. However, the “AKSSC Valmiera / Tālava VBSS” driver did not succeed as expected. Already after the start, Edward was outside the top four. Although he tried to find solutions to improve the position, he did not succeed. The sixth place in the trip, which did not allow to reach the semi-finals.

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