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Laporta: “Messi’s new contract is going well, but it’s not done yet”

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Laporta reviews Barça news.
EFE / Andreu Dalmau

The president of FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta, has stated that the new contract of the Barça star, the Argentine Lionel Messi, “okay, but it’s not done yet”, and has been “moderately optimistic” about the continuity of the Rosario crack.

“We we have made him an offer within the possibilities of the club. Sure Leo deserves a lot more and can get a lot more, but for his desire to grow up at Barça I am convinced that is very much appreciating the effort we are making. I think he is very excited to continue and he is very excited about the project, “explained Laporta.

The continuity of Messi was one of the many topics that the top president of the Barça entity addressed in a long press conference he gave at the 1899 Auditorium of the Camp Nou to review the current situation of the Catalan club.

On the ’10’, Laporta insisted that he is putting “much of his part” to continue, but that “it is necessary to continue working” to convince him completely.

“The first thing Leo asks for is affection, esteem. Feeling comfortable, being comfortable, smiling again and having fun. And to have fun, you have to win and see that you can win. And that’s the only thing that has it in a process of reflection, ”he argued.

In any case, Joan Laporta understands that the player’s “perception” has changed since he was in charge: “Before there was a president who was disappointed, and now he has one who is very eager to continue at Barça, and more than telling him I prove it. ”

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For Laporta, the key for Messi to continue is to return the ambition he believes was lost under the mandate of Josep Maria Bartomeu.

“Seeing that there is conformity, it’s up to Leo, because he gives it his all. Leo wants Barça to think big. When we talk about a competitive team, we talk about him wanting proven experience, proven success. Another motivation, a another demand. And with me as president and this board of directors has it “, concluded Laporta on the Argentine star.


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