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Kuzma scored only 2 points in the playoffs. Vogel: Will find a way to make him more integrated

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Original title: Kuzma only scored 2 points in the playoffs. Vogel: Will find a way to make him more integrated

On May 27th, Beijing time, the third game of the Lakers and Suns series will be held tomorrow at Staples. This is also the first time the Lakers have played in the playoffs at Staples in eight years. Today, the team held training preparations. Players and coach Vogel were interviewed.

Kuzma, who performed well in the regular season, only scored 2 points in the first two games of the series. In this regard, Kuzma said: “My role on the team is not that important in scoring. From a game perspective. In other words, the ball really didn’t get to my hands. It’s okay. I believe the state will come one day. My task is to continue to contribute to the team on the defensive end, and to do some details well to help the team win. It’s really okay if I don’t score the ball, play championship basketball.”

“But I have been constantly thinking about how I should play. After all, two or three shots in each game are really not ideal for me. I need to find a way to continue running on the court. I believe the ball will Pass it to me, whether it’s an air cut to the basket, or a fast break running. Under certain circumstances, it becomes aggressive and reads correctly.” Kuzma added.

There were a lot of rounds in this series. I could have scored directly in the paint, but I found that there was an open space for a teammate, so I passed it to him. This is the correct way to play. If I scored to the basket and scored for a teammate, and he scored a three-pointer, that would be great. I just need to return to the defense. I believe that there will always be a score, and I hope it will come in the right situation. ”

Coach Vogel talked about Kuzma’s low score and said that he had thought about ways to make him play more. “There is a bit of self-reflection, and more of the reason for my part. We can give him more offensive tactics because we know his abilities. However, his role in this team is as a second level. Scoring selection, then defending, grabbing rebounds, doing those scrambled balls, and finishing when the ball is passed to his hands. We mostly play around Zhanmei in game tactics, especially in the playoffs. We want to make it happen. He is more integrated into the offensive mentality, and at the same time we don’t want him to force the offense. Our coaching staff doesn’t like to force the ball to play. In some games he will be heavily involved in offense, some games are not. But as long as he is good defensive and rebounding , Is to help us win. He played an excellent game last night without much scoring because he did what we call intangible things.”

Regarding the feeling of returning to Staples home to play the playoffs, Kuzma said: “It will be very interesting. It may not have 20,000 spectators as usual, and I am not even sure if there will be as many as the Suns at home. People, but it’s going to be fun. I’m excited about it. We’re all excited. The management is also very excited because it’s been seven or eight years since the playoffs have been played in this arena. Of course we will be very happy.”

Speaking of the difference between playing in the Bubble Park this season and last season, Kuzma said that the situation this season is much better. “I think this season is much better. I used to feel like prison in the bubble park. I can’t leave the park. I can only eat three or four kinds of the same food every day for three months. It’s really uncomfortable not to see my family. But this For one year, it feels like it’s always the same. I can live my own life, so it’s not bad.”

The Lakers went smoothly last season and didn’t face too many difficulties, but this season it was the opposite, falling from No. 1 in the West to No. 7 in the West, and it was difficult to get tickets for the playoffs through the playoffs. Speaking of the challenges and difficulties faced in winning this season, Kuzma said: “100% will encounter a lot of difficulties. People often say that the first championship is easy, the second will be very difficult, because other teams understand Your level. Know how you win, they understand what you do on the defensive end, know where your strengths are, we also understand this in the first two playoffs. In G1, they broke We have done a good job of double-teaming and breaking defenses. This is a very interesting challenge for us. Like chess or intellectual games, we need to put the chess pieces in the correct position. Our G2 has also done this.”Return to Sohu to see more


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