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Kanga Kaku, the player born in 1990 but his mother died in 1986!

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Mexico City / 27.05.2021 19:10:21

Of those things that only happen in Africa, but now with greater implications because it is a supposed identity forgery in the Selection of Gabon to be able to line up the player Guelor Kanga Kaku, who militates in the Red Star of Belgrade, in an official duel heading to the African Cup of Nations.

The Kanga Kaku scandal in Africa

On March 25 there was a game between Gabon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo that was won by the first 3-0, but the controversy only came to light last week when the The Congolese Federation filed an official appeal with the African Football Confederation stating that Kanga Kaku is not who he claims to be.

And to all this, who is Guelor Kanga Kaku?

The brief accused “identity forgery”. It was noted that in their official Gabonese documentation, Guelor appeared registered with a date of birth in 1990, however, they indicated that his biological mother died in 1986.

Furthermore, the Congolese asserted that Kanga Kaku was actually born in Kinshasa (capital of the Congo) in October 1985, under the first name Guelor Kiaku Kiaku Kiangana, so this lack would merit a sanction that he would deduct the points from the Gabonese in that and all the qualifying games in which he lined up.

African Confederation found no false identity

In a statement issued this Wednesday, CAF ruled against the Congo’s arguments on the alleged false identity of Guelor Kanga Kaku, determining that the lack of conclusive evidence made the complaint inadmissible, therefore Gabon was the correct winner of that match and will be able to play the African Cup of Nations this 2022 in Cameroon.


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