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Judo Mandarin 21 episodes tutorial _ Lao Chen Virtual Network

by archysport

Judo Mandarin Episode 21

table of Contents:

21. Judo Mandarin Teaching Robe

20. Judo Mandarin Teaching-Xiao Nei Liu

19 Judo Mandarin Teaching Knee Car

18 Judo Mandarin Teaching-(Wrist) Joint Skills

17 Judo Mandarin Teaching_Tie Luo

16. Judo Mandarin Teaching-Changes in the connection of throwing skills to sleeping skills

15 Liaison Skills for Judo Mandarin Teaching and Investment Skills

14 Judo Mandarin Teaching-Sending Foot Sweep

13. Judo Mandarin teaching sweeps the waist

12 Judo Mandarin Teaching-Throwing with both hands on your back

11 Judo Mandarin Teaching

10 Judo Mandarin Teaching-Shang Si Fang Gu

09. Judo Mandarin Teaching-Communication Skills of Sleeping Skills

08. Judo Mandarin Teaching-Neigu

07 Judo Mandarin Teaching-Shoulder Car

06. Judo Mandarin teaching is solid and square

05. Judo Mandarin teaching single feather twist

04. Judo Mandarin Teaching Big Waist

03. Judo Mandarin Teaching-Dawaikai

02 Judo Mandarin teaching with one-handed throw

01. Judo Mandarin Teaching


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