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Jon Rahm intends to play both October tournaments in Spain

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“Since February 29, 2020, at my wedding in the US, I have not seen my parents and my brother, who has also been a father for ten months, except for ‘face time’. There are two tournaments in Spain in October that I want to play and that I’m going to try to play, let’s see … It would be October at the latest … so it’s been a year and a half that I haven’t seen many people from my family, ”he declares Jon Rahm in a long talk with Íñigo Olarra on the podcast ‘The practice swing’ and which is collected on the ‘tengolf.es’ portal. Íñigo, Aihnoa Olarra’s brother, competed with Jon on the golf teams of the Basque Federation. Now an engineer by profession, he lives in Denmark and kills his favorite sport bug with this communication channel.

As Barrika’s says, his idea is to play the two European Tour tournaments in Spain scheduled in October and in consecutive weeks: the Spanish Open in Madrid and the Estrella Damm Andalucía Masters in Valderrama.

Jon talks about his new life as a father after the birth of Kepa. He tells about his day-to-day life in Arizona (“physio, gym and family”), his next big goal, and analyzes the popularity he has achieved and what makes him see himself in crosswords or television programs. “I’m still the same, the big head from Bilbao”, he is sincere.

The Basque also reviews the pride and nostalgia he feels for having been away from home for so long, his plans to see his parents again at the próximo US Open, which is played in June in San Diego at Torrey Pines, almost a year and a half after the last time they were able to be together physically.

“You have to learn to compete. If I didn’t get screwed up so much, I wouldn’t be where I am and that’s how it is “

“Thank God we can keep playing and things are starting to get better here. Arizona has been fully open for two weeks and you can do whatever you want but I keep trying to keep my little bubble because I don’t want to test positive if I compete, so as I tell a lot of people, my life last year is one dorm bed, to the airport, to a hotel and to the countryside, and that’s it. No restaurants and a lot of room service, we do what we can. We are here for what we are, to play golf and not on vacation, ”says Jon to his friend.

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“Yes, the birth of Kepa has helped me a lot. An incredible experience. When I am with him I forget everything. What you do in real life is more important than what you do in golf. But the next thing is to give myself a chance to win a ‘big’, I have finished in the top ten, among the five, but the closest I have been is two strokes behind the leader with few holes left … And obviously we know that it is very complicated. For that I work what I work ”, he adds. “You have to try to treat the ‘big’ like a normal week but it is obvious that it is not. But with patience everything will come ”, emphasizes Rahm.

And he says goodbye with a piece of advice for young people who want to be like him one day, citing a phrase from Rafa Nadal’s book “Rafa is obviously one of my idols and what he says about ‘before I become a tennis player I am a competitor’, it stuck with me. So before I am a golfer, I am a competitor and I love to compete in whatever it is, playing Parcheesi, or cards, whatever I want to win and that mentality is what has helped me get where I am. No matter how you are playing, you have to compete and fight to get the best possible result and in golf this is the most important thing. You have to learn to compete. The same on the field I do not give one but I go out to the field and compete. If losing didn’t screw me up so much I wouldn’t be where I am and that’s the way it is, “he concludes.

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