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Jérémy Perbet’s hunger has not yet been satisfied: “Perbut will remain Perbut” | First National

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Jérémy Perbet (36) has already shaken the nets for many clubs. His passage at OHL ended in a minor key for the striker. After six months in the reservation, Perbet has found a new challenge with RFC Liège in the first national. “I was unhappy for the last six months.”

The French striker turns 37 at the end of the year. In 2019 he signed with OHL when the club was still in 1B. “The goal there was to get into 1A. That worked out well.”

But the last six months Perbet had to join the reserves in Leuven. “I am very disappointed and frustrated because I think I could learn a lot. It was the choice of one person, the trainer. That’s life, we have to move on.”

At the age of 36, Jérémy Perbet thought for a moment about quitting, but he wasn’t ready for that yet. “I realized that I still had the same mentality to score goals and be decisive. Also physically I was still okay. Besides, I really didn’t want to stop failing.”

“RFC Liège came at a perfect time”

The choice to return to 1st National was mainly to be able to play at the top of the rankings again. “I would rather play for the first three places in 1st National than to keep it in 1B.”

“RFC Liège has come at a perfect time,” says Perbet. “The club works very professionally. There is also a lot of enthusiasm among the supporters. There are normally 3,000 to 4,000 supporters per game.”

I have been promoted four times in my career. I like these kinds of challenges.

Jeremy Perbet

“The club gave me the confidence by offering me a two-year contract with the aim of being promoted to 1B. I’ve been promoted four times in my career. I love these kinds of challenges. That’s why I signed. me certainty and the time to prepare for my new club. “

I want to keep playing football for as long as possible.

Jeremy Perbet

Whether it will be his last adventure, the 36-year-old Perbet does not yet know. “I want to keep playing as long as possible. The last six months I was unhappy, because I no longer played and could be decisive in matches. As long as I still have that urge, why should I stop?” Perbut “will always be” Perbut “. stay.”

“Imagine that we can promote with RFC Liège. That would be great for the club, the city and for myself. Then I am on my fifth promotion.”

Watch the interview with Jérémy Perbet

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