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Jack Miller extends his contract at Ducati, Repsol Honda has trouble finding a replacement for Marquez? : Okezone Sports

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DUCATI Lenovo officially extends the contract of its flagship racer, Jack Miller, until the end of MotoGP 2022. That means, Ducati Lenovo is still relying on Jack Miller and Francesco Bagnaia for MotoGP 2022.

However, Lenovo Ducati’s decision to extend Jack Miller’s contract automatically made it difficult for Repsol Honda to find a replacement racer for Marc Marquez. Because, after the Marc Marquez era ended, Jack Miller was the only racer who had the potential to restore Repsol Honda’s dominance in MotoGP.

(Jack Miller (right) Ducati whiz)

Why is Jack Miller considered suitable to replace Marc Marquez? In terms of racing, Jack Miller and Marc Marquez are equally determined. They dared to drive the iron horse with maximum speed while descending on a wet track.

No wonder the status rainy rider held by both of them. The proof of the greatness of Jack Miller was presented when he came down at the French MotoGP in 2021 which was poured by rain. Although starting from position three and punished twice Long Lap Penalty, Jack Miller still managed to win the race.

In addition, Jack Miller’s first victory in MotoGP was also created when the track was showered with rain. That was precisely when Jack Miller won the 2016 Dutch MotoGP.

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In addition, Jack Miller can also continue the sweet story of the Australian racer at Repsol Honda. Of the five world champions who have defended Repsol Honda, two have come from Australia, just like Jack Miller.

They are Mick Doohan who won the premier class in 1994-1998 (five times). Then another one is Casey Stoner who won with Repsol Honda in MotoGP 2011.

Casey Stoner

(Casey Stoner won with Repsol Honda in MotoGP 2011)

Therefore, it becomes a problem if Marc Marquez retires from MotoGP in 2021. Because, Repsol Honda cannot take Jack Miller, who is still under a contract with Ducati Lenovo until MotoGP 2022.

Now the question is, what are the chances of Marc Marquez retiring at the end of MotoGP 2021? The opportunity exists. Because, Marc Marquez had said he would retire when he no longer appeared competitive.

Incidentally, after being absent for nine months due to a broken right arm, Marc Marquez has not shown his best performance. After finishing seventh (Portugal) and ninth (Spain), Marc Marquez failed to finish in France.

“Even when a new generation comes, I still feel competitive. But there will come a time when you will have to accept that the new generation is better than you. Then you stop or continue. But, if I feel I can’t compete to win the race, I better stay at home, “said Marc Marquez quoted from Speedweek.

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