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Jáchym Bulín, a legend from ski jumps, died

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Jáchym Bulín, a coaching legend who has been associated with the great success of Czech ski jumpers, died at the age of 86. Under the leadership of a native of Jelenia Góra on the Polish side of the Giant Mountains, Karel Kodejška became the world champion in skiing in 1975. He also led Jiří Raška and Rudolf Höhnl to the medals in the role of national team coach. He died on May 25 in Falun, Sweden, the federal website czech-ski.com informed about it.

Stadion Magazine / czech-ski.com

He lived his life under bridges. Literally. Even his death caught him in a place that is very famous in the world of jumping and skiing. He spent much of his life in Falun.

But for years he was associated with what was happening in the former Czechoslovakia. After World War II, he moved with his parents to Harrachov. During his racing career, he became a domestic champion twice – in Špindlerův Mlýn and in Banská Bystrica. From 1954 he was in the national team of Miloslav Bělonožník. and competed in the Olympic Games in Cortina d’Ampezzo in 1956. Two years later, he finished thirteenth in the Tour of the Four Bridges, with the best races for him in Oberstdorf, where he finished sixth.

He lost his participation in the Squaw Valley Olympics due to injuries, ended his career and began training. Very successfully. He contributed to the golden age. In 1970, he took over the representation from the legendary Zdeněk Remsa and celebrated medal successes with his charges.

Raška won silver at the 1970 World Championships in the Tatras. Four years later, Rudolf Höhnl won bronze at the championship in Falun. The medal narrowly escaped Jaroslav Balcar, who finished fourth at the 1976 Olympic Games in Innsbruck

After eight years, Bulín replaced Rašek with the national team and Bulín accepted an offer to lead the Swedish national team, in which he also coached Jan Boklöv, a pioneer of V-style, Per-Inge Tällberg, Staffan Tällberg and Anders Duun.

He settled in Sweden and has already stayed there. But he returned to the Czech Republic, with his juniors he went to train in Harrachov and at the Grand Prix in Frenštát.


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