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Inclusive Games, the Colasanti Institute takes home the title of first place

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Montefiascone – The fifth edition took place at the municipal baseball field

Montefiascone – Inclusive Games, Colasanti takes home the title of first place

Montefiascone – We receive and publish – Yesterday the fifth edition of the “Inclusive Games” took place at the municipal baseball field of Montefiascone, the inclusive games organized by the Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa Higher Secondary Education Institute – the polo school for the inclusion of the province of Viterbo based right in the Faliscan town -, a real example, beautiful and exciting, for the promotion of the culture of inclusion through sport and playful-recreational practices.

The restrictions due to the health emergency did not stop the organization of the games, which were attended by various high schools in the province and a representation of the lower secondary school of Montefiascone.

The teams competed in a series of tests demonstrating their team spirit and their sporting skills. All this took place respecting the anti-Covid regulations in a fun atmosphere, of conviviality and sharing, forgetting for a moment the difficulties of this particular school year now nearing its end. It was the first time for the Giuseppe Colasanti Institute of Higher Education in Civita Castellana.

Represented by the students of the 3A Turistico and the 3C Liceo Scientifico-applied sciences, our school managed to take home the title of first place.

In particular, the girls and boys managed to get the cup of the fifth edition by virtue of the enthusiasm, the joy of participating and the team spirit and solidarity that they were able to show on the field and that they show in everyday life.

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However, the most beautiful victory obtained by our students, as well as by all the participants, is the demonstration that a society without physical and mental barriers, material and immaterial, is possible and desirable. And physical and sports activities are an extraordinary means of conveying inclusive languages, cultures and practices. Indeed, the experience of Montefiascone is proof that sport when it is inclusive is really good for everyone.

Colasanti Higher Education Institute of Civita Castellana

May 29, 2021


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