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Ice hockey professional Lukas Reichel needs to be examined

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Dhe voltage drop was chosen deliberately. Toni Söderholm allowed the players a form of idleness that they were not allowed to experience before during their stay in Latvia. A special form of sightseeing was on the program for them on Thursday.

Accompanied by a police escort, the selection of the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB) was chauffeured to the Baltic Sea coast, where they got the opportunity to “breathe deeply” for two hours on an otherwise deserted sand dune, as sports director Christian Künast described it: “There they could move freely and let your mind wander. ”It was the first time at this World Cup that the team – away from the hotel balconies – was able to get some fresh air.

Franz Reindl described the circumstances under which the 16 best nations in the world are currently competing for the title in Riga as “life-limiting”. In view of the corona pandemic, the tournament is associated with a large number of restrictions for everyone involved. The interim conclusion of the DEB President was all the more positive. He was “very, very satisfied” with the performances of his own team so far, but also with the willingness of all competitors to make the best possible out of an unusual situation: “There are many unexpected results, and thanks to all athletes,” said Reindls Findings from the first week of the event.

No planning security

Söderholm’s ensemble also had to painfully realize that there is no planning security this time around so quickly. Nothing came of the early qualification for the quarter-finals, which would have been determined with a probability bordering on certainty with a victory over Kazakhstan. Anyone who thought that the newcomer to the A-Division would continue to be as successful as in the first three games won, including the high-voltage performance against Canada, was proved wrong in the fourth match within six days.


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