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Quique Setién intends to recover the Barça pulse, that style that made him a benchmark in the football world, also that was the subject of copies as Klopp’s Liverpool is now. A diligent student of Cruyff and Guardiola’s sponge colleague, Setién made a clear nod to cruyffismo in Ibiza, as he recovered the obsolete defense of three (3-5-2 with Semedo and Ansu Fati as lanes), used sporadically by Valverde and especially in times of Luis Enrique, when he was fighting with Jordi Alba. But it was a superlative setback, a slap that almost became historic and that called into question the change of coach to the race and above all the worth of a squad configured to win everything, to run over a rival like Ibiza, Second B. It was not like that, but quite the opposite, the Barça team humiliated because they did not put football or chances, asleep on the island of sleeplessness until Griezmann stretched the lines and avoided elimination with two goals after two unchecks.




  • Kike

    Yellow card


    Yellow card

  • Francisco Grima

    Yellow card


    Yellow card

  • Nuñez

    Yellow card


    Yellow card

  • Javi lara



    Change: leaves for Kwasi Sibo

  • Rolled Angel



    Change: leaves for Diego Mendoza

  • Pep Caballe






    Change: leaves for Fran Carbià

  • Ricard Puig



    Change: leaves for Arthur Melo

  • Rakitic



    Change: leaves for Vidal

  • Ansu fati

    Yellow card


    Yellow card

  • Griezmann






  • Carles perez



    Change: leaves for Alba

The proposal came out frog to Setién because the ball was Barça but the occasions and the celestial celebrations. Accumulated possession Barça with the idea of ​​building, of reaching the rival area in optimal conditions, but lacked depth and a dealer to decompose the rival block. Carles Pérez and Griezmann did not help either, who did not fix the center-backs but were delayed to absorb the ball and no one followed them, because if they turned they did not have anyone to associate with either, far from appearing at someone else’s house and stepping on the rival area Rakitic or Riqui Puig.

So disastrous was the staging that Ibiza made blood with the first arrival. Raí, technically exquisite, picked up a pass behind Semedo’s back and away from Sergi Roberto’s radius of action – the risk posed by Setién’s system -, stepped on the bottom line and put the death pass for the finish from Javi Pérez, who hit him with the inside to beat Neto. The humiliation could have been greater with another against, with a goal by Rodado canceled due to a foul to Lenglet or with that arrival on the right that Raí resolved with a dry shoe that only the post dared to spit, then prolonged by Rodado and deflected in the last instance for a great intervention of Neto.

“Where is Leo Messi? Where is Leo Messi? ”, The stands intoned, already raging. More than anything because Setién decided to do without capital players like Piqué and Busquets, in addition to 10, who enjoyed a day off because he is awaiting in bigger stakes. In exchange, players to do came in, such as Junior, Carles Pérez and Ansu Fati, also Riqui Puig, bland without spaces or passing lines. With the exception of Ansu Fati, none of them gave the stature, short of ideas before the pressing intermediate pressure of Ibiza, who took the duel as the opportunity of his life because he did not negotiate with the effort, fed by the revelry of the fans and the opportunity to be on the books of the Cup.

The entry of Jordi Alba

Barça tried to correct themselves after the intermission with the entry of Jordi Alba and Arthur, although Setién persisted with his idea and the team with his disconnection, unable to string football together in the three-quarter zone. Until De Jong did one of his drives and found the corridor to uncheck Griezmann, who stood before Germán to beat him on the ground, to hit the only occasion enjoyed so far after a single shot on goal that reached the game time.

Relief for Barça and slap for Ibiza, already with his tongue out and dejected after a very similar play, already in minute 94, when the extension was guessed, which Jordi Alba and Griezmann composed again, as the winger put the spherical to the career of the Frenchman, who crossed the ball over the horn to avoid a fall that would remind us of bygone times, when the round was a single match, similar defeats against Figueres (2000-01), Novelda (2002-03) and Gramanet (2004-05).

Disappointment for Ibiza, who tried everything and almost did not succeed; Serious warning for Barça, who suffered the worst of setbacks until Setién understood that he already owes one to Griezmann. {Entradilla}

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